Smart Phone

The Art Of Mobile Marketing

The cellular phone has changed the way many businesses handle advertising simply because it is easier to send an SMS message out to multiple customers. This of course is in direct contrast to billboard advertisements which reach people, but still require the individuals to get out and do something. The mobile marketing technique gives you […]

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Using Facebook As A Mobile Marketing Tool

Any company that wants to grow their business needs to embrace the concept of mobile marketing, as a successful tool for tapping into huge legions of Facebook fans that own smart phones. It is one of the most important factors in growing your business. Any entrepreneur can create a strategy using Facebook to gain the […]

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The Growth Of Mobile Marketing

If you are out and about, whether it is shopping or perhaps you are taking some time for lunch and are eating out, it is very evident that we have all become dependent on our mobile phones. While it is true that there are still those who use a flip phone, the abundance of smart […]

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