How To Avoid The Hurdles Your Competition Faces

The fact is that your competition is currently making mistakes when it comes to . It is your to capitalize on them by learning what they are doing wrong and then working hard to avoid the same issues. How can you do this quickly and easily? Read this article to find out what pitfalls others have experienced and how you can learn to never face them.

If you plan to use the Keyword Tool, be sure not to use the default settings. For example, “Broad Match” mode is the default when creating a list of . The information provided will be completely useless as the numbers end up inflated as they include phrases which have the search term in them. “Leashes” will provide you with a query count which includes “pink leashes”, “leather leashes”, “retractable leashes”, “fetish leashes”, “surfing leashes”, “camera leashes”, etc. If you use “Exact” mode instead, you will only see the number of queries for the exact term, and this data is exactly what you will be looking for.

Most people think that heading HTML tags are the be all and end all of SEO. Wrong! If someone tells you that adding an H1 tag to a page turned it all around for them, ask if they only added the tag or if they also bumped up the quality of the title itself. Did they add some keywords to it? I bet they did! While heading tags do help with the readability and, more specifically, the ease of quickly scanning a page, they don’t actually do anything for your page rank.

Never duplicate your content! I’ll say it again: NEVER DUPLICATE YOUR CONTENT! When a search engine sees that you have the same page repeated on your website, it doesn’t know which page is the right one to show. On top of that, some algorithms will flag this sort of behavior as spamming their results, and you may end up completely delisted from that search engine. Be sure that all pages are only visible with one URL on your website to ensure you aren’t wasting your time on your SEO work.

When creating internal links, many people try to spread their “link juice” around. For example, if a term like “best dog parks in Toronto” is found on multiple pages, they will link back to each page at least once. Instead, the best way to boost your site’s ranking for that term is to select the most appropriate page out of all of them and then link only to it from other pages on your site. If you have a page which is titled “Best Dog Parks in Toronto” and then other pages which are about all sorts of attractions in Toronto, linking to the page which is dedicated to that topic will yield the best results.

The time it took to read this article will be repaid to you in a stress-free approach to search engine optimization. That means you will easily get your head and shoulders above all of the competition. The market is yours to conquer, so use this advice to take over the world!

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