Cyberset Emphasizes Local Internet Marketing For Companies To Get Noticed Regionally

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Cyberset Emphasizes Local Internet Marketing for Companies to Get Noticed Regionally

26 December 2013 | 6:20 pm LOS ANGELES, Dec. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Businesses who build and maintain their own websites may not be maximizing their full potential, says Los Angeles Internet marketing company Cyberset. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is through search engine optimization (SEO), but with carefully chosen locally-based keywords. Known for providing comprehensive services like web development …

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26 December 2013 | 8:52 am Telephone and internet services, including most cellphones, were unavailable to all – except county offices and some businesses utilizing OPALCO Island Network broadband facilities.

Bosch says the future is the Internet of Things

24 December 2013 | 4:46 pm Computerworld – Bosch, a company best known as a maker appliances, including stoves, dishwashers, washing machines and coffee makers, is increasing its focus on the Internet of Things.

Modern Internet Services: Exploiting Service Usage Information for Optimizing Service Management (Paperback) tagged “internet services” 2 times

26 March 2010 | 11:24 pm Modern Internet Services: Exploiting Service Usage Information for Optimizing Service Management Modern Internet Services: Exploiting Service Usage Information for Optimizing Service Management (Paperback)By Alexander Totok Buy new: $95.4811 used and new from $91.48 Customer Rating: 5.0 Customer tags: alexander totok(6), service management(6), e-commerce(6), performance management(6), introductory guides(5), research(3), web services(3), internet services(2)

Tencent Launches WeChat-Linked Internet TV – The Next Web

26 December 2013 | 7:52 am Chinese Internet giant Tencent, which owns the wildly popular messaging service WeChat, has launched a smart TV in China that features integration with the Chinese version of the chat app known as Weixin in terms of

Slow Internet service frustrates users across UAE – Emirates 24/7

24 December 2013 | 8:21 am Social media abuzz with users complaining of frustratingly slow browsing.

Dyn Acquires Service Status Update Tool ReadyStatus

23 December 2013 | 2:00 pm Internet performance solutions company Dyn has acquired ReadyStatus, a tool that provides a status update page for online services.

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LG ST600 Smart TV Upgrader with Digital Streaming an Internet Services Open Box

26 December 2013 | 8:04 pm $49.99
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Internet QoS : Architectures and Mechanisms for Quality of Service by Zheng…

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MagicJack Plus VOIP Phone 8 mo service Adapter Computer Internet Free Calling

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    • AndyM
    • December 26, 2013

    U-Verse Installation Fee For Transferring Service? If I wanted to move to a new apartment, would I have to pay a fee for transferring u-verse internet service to a new location? I don’t want to have to pay $200 again.

  1. Reply

    How To Make The MRM Movement Work? I think this is something the MRM always grapples with.

    MRM will work if most men refuse to get married and work hard to make money. The MGTOWs. These MGTOWs should work hard and rise higher controlling the businesses and majority of the money. After all the number of men making decisions and pulling strings is equal to the total number of MGTOWs.

    And they should avoid taxes by giving away to charities in Africa. Or they can work in Saudi Arabia, Qatar,etc where taxes are not there at all. So the governments cannot take money from men and give it to women.

    But this is a bit unrealistic. MRM is following plan B now. Trying to change the opinion of each individual man. But this has a flaw because they use too much propaganda and half-truths. So men eventually realize something is wrong with their arguments. Now for plan B to succeed they have to make true and strong points. They do so, but not regularly.

    So how to make the MRM movement work?

    Answer my question.
    It is a bit like a catch – 22 situation here.
    @ TGB

    That is what I try to say all the time. It is time to get united. But no one listens.

    And why haven’t you opened your YA mail? Open it man.

      • Staff
      • December 26, 2013

      V Bomb running away from women and a family life is not the MRA way because men are fathers, brothers, husbands, sons etc and etc…I chose to have a happy family life and fight for my rights as well.

      I do respect MGTOW as a matter of personal choice if men take it that way but this is not the solution and will only cause chaos and more turmoil in society.

      First : The real key lies in creating awareness amongst the male population regarding their rights and the current situation of these rights….the best way is to establish a toll free inbound call center at low cost for men in distress.

      Second : Register an NGO and apply for government subsidy and grant to work for male victims of all forms of social issues and crimes…..establish a charity fund and approach all influential men for charities.

      Third : Launch public awareness programs regarding the current situation of men and their rights by organizing public shows , and social networking both on internet and in men’s circles like clubs etc and etc.

      Fourth :commission fact finding teams to collect data on male victims from authentic sources and aggressively publicize them.

      Fifth : MOST IMPORTANT focus on issues plaguing men not on what others are doing.

      Sixth : Recruit talented and specialized male professionals and establish a core think tank team for instance doctors and lawyers….provide free services to male victims.

      Seventh : Create awareness regarding the power to vote in the male population keeping in mind their own social issues and make them aware of candidates that have an agendas to promote rights for men….unless MRAs realize the importance of having the power to influence bills and acts in senates and parliaments nothing will be achieved in the end.

      Eight : Last but not the least treat feminists with respect and learn from the adversary….to give an example from military history the royal Air Force learned the advanced flight techniques and methodologies from the German Luftwaffe and ultimately defeated them.

      Ninth : Recruitment to MRAs should be purely on the criteria of proving one’s own suffering as a victim of social
      issues …ordinary men should not be recruited …this makes for a highly motivated team.

      We have done all this in my times as an MRA in india and much more and that is why the MRAs are a potent and credible force in India on a nationwide scale….the government change in India in 2014 is because of a very aggressive awareness campghain amongst the male population regarding their issues and the fact that MRAs in India have embraced politics on a massive scale.

      I wish the best of luck to MRAs in their future endeavors….as a humanist I can only hope both feminist and MRAs will one day realize their goals are the same except the difference in paths and approaches.

      Oh and MRAs should deal ruthlessly with the radical and hate mongering elements amongst them as they destroy the public image to a very large extent.

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