Nanofilm Announces Krish Rao As New President, Scott Rickert To Remain CEO

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Nanofilm Announces Krish Rao as New President, Scott Rickert to Remain CEO

20 December 2013 | 1:24 pm Veteran Technology Vice President to keep focus on nanotechnology-enabled product development. (PRWeb December 20, 2013) Read the full story at

Sealand Natural Resources Announces New Distribution Agreement

19 December 2013 | 8:24 pm Sealand Natural Resources Inc. , a new product development company which manufactures, markets and sells functional beverages , today announced a distrib

Eric Claude to Lead MPR Product Development

19 December 2013 | 4:05 pm MPR Associates, Inc. has promoted Eric Claude to Vice President of MPR Product Development, a business focused on the development, design, and engineering of medical devices and he

The Innovator's Toolkit: 50+ Techniques for Predictable and Sustainable Organic Growth (Hardcover) tagged “product development” 7 times

27 June 2013 | 5:29 pm The Innovator's Toolkit: 50+ Techniques for Predictable and Sustainable Organic Growth The Innovator’s Toolkit: 50+ Techniques for Predictable and Sustainable Organic Growth (Hardcover)By Neil DeCarlo 52 used and new from $5.75 Customer Rating: 4.8 Customer tags: innovation(15), product development(7), new product development(7), leadership tools(6), business(5), innovation book(5), management(5), strategy(4), business strategy(3), front end(2), creativity, business growth opportunities

Managing the Design Factory (Hardcover) tagged “product development” 5 times

6 November 2012 | 3:42 pm Managing the Design Factory Managing the Design Factory (Hardcover)By Donald G. Reinertsen Buy new: $25.41102 used and new from $0.66 Customer Rating: 4.8 Customer tags: product development(5), industrial design(3), management(3), lean(3), product management(2), business(2), lean product development(2)

Create Your Own Best-Selling Product In Under 7 Days (Kindle Edition) tagged “product development” 11 times

23 August 2012 | 9:36 pm Create Your Own Best-Selling Product In Under 7 Days Create Your Own Best-Selling Product In Under 7 Days (Kindle Edition)By Joel Williams Buy new: $4.97 Customer Rating: 4.8 Customer tags: product development(11), information product(11), how to create an informational product(10), product creation(10), ebook creation(8), create an ebook(8), develop a product(7), create product(7), research methods(6), business(4), business advice(2), build your business(2)

The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development (Hardcover) tagged “product development” 7 times

10 December 2011 | 9:19 pm The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development The Principles of Product Development Flow: Second Generation Lean Product Development (Hardcover)By Donald G. Reinertsen Buy new: $29.1449 used and new from $20.62 Customer Rating: 4.8 Customer tags: lean(8), lean product development(8), product development(7), agile(6), project management(5), management(5), flow(3), agile software development(2), npd best practice(2), leadership, excellence, facebook

The Art of Product Management: Lessons from a Silicon Valley Innovator (Paperback) tagged “product development” 5 times

14 September 2011 | 3:14 pm The Art of Product Management: Lessons from a Silicon Valley Innovator The Art of Product Management: Lessons from a Silicon Valley Innovator (Paperback)By Rich Mironov Buy new: $19.3537 used and new from $10.57 Customer Rating: 4.8 Customer tags: product management(8), product development(5), innovation(5), software development(4), agile(4), startups(4), pricing(4), pdm, organizations, product marketing, customer requirements, a bit overrated

Creative and Product Development Coordinator Warner Music Group

18 December 2013 | 8:05 pm Creative and Product Development Coordinator jobs in New York at Warner Music Group – Full Time Job in New York, NY.

Krop: Program Manager, Consumer Products Development

18 December 2013 | 6:15 pm Program Manager, Product Development. Successful NJ based consumer audio electronics company is seeking a seasoned Program manager to drive visibility, operation effectiveness, and on-time delivery of product development programs.!/jobs/t6cdsr/

Ixonos participates in the 600Minutes Innovation & Product …

18 December 2013 | 10:46 am in Denmark on 22 January, 2014. The 600Minutes Innovation & Product Development is an annual cross-industry event for decision makers in innovation and product development from Denmark's largest companies.

o o o . Product Design and Development . . Ulrich . . From Design to Product!

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Strategic New Product Development in the Global Economy, Lynn, Leonard, Kono, To

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1957 IBM Product Development & Control Engineer Careers Jobs vintage print Ad

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    • Leong
    • December 21, 2013

    What Career Path Should I Take? I am a teenager with very diverse interests. I’m now deciding which career path I should take and from there find out what course I should be going for.

    Hard work is not a problem for me as long as I am interested in that career. Pay matters quite a lot but interest is more important to me. As hardworking as I can get, I like challenging things but not repetitive things, I don’t want to waste my life doing what a robot can do. What I’m searching for is something that combines most of my passion into a career and pays me well about 5 years into the career if I work hard.

    I can’t really make up my mind – I like science, art, business, computers and many others.

    So let’s start with science.
    I’m interested in Physics and Biology. Chemistry not so much, was really interested in minerals when I was young but my interested faded, but I’m okay with it. My interest in science came from reading when I was young. My mother was encouraging me to read when I was young, always bringing me to the libraries. I find myself always reading non-fiction stuff. So here are some sectors I think I’m okay with –

    •Research and Development [hopefully interesting]
    •Environmental Management and Conservation
    •Food and Drink Engineering [father in FnB business, might need me in this sector, heard that it is lacking in talent in my place]
    •Automotive Engineering [childhood dream job – more to designing]
    •Architecture [childhood dream job]

    As for art, I used to like drawing quite a lot when I was younger (and that’s where my childhood car designer and architect ambition come from). Eventually I lost interest in drawing but my interest in designing is still around. When I was about 13, I got slightly interested in photography. It brought me into the realms of Photoshop and I eventually became pretty good with it. Then comes my first DSLR, and I became really good with it too. I started dabbling with Illustrator too, and I could use it pretty well. So far I haven’t met anyone that is as good as me in Photoshop (and Lightroom) in real life and I think I can work as a semi-professional now if I want to (maybe I just don’t have much friends that are interested in the same thing as me). As for photography, I’m trying not to brag but I find that the photographers in my area aren’t very good. I’ve met many professionals in my life but I can equal almost all their work or even be better than them. I know what a quality photographer is and I know I’m not at the level of a quality photographer but the photography business in my area isn’t really competitive. 5 years down the road, this might change though. So here are some possible sectors of jobs for me –

    •Film Production
    •Graphic Designing

    As for business, it is the only way I can live a luxury life at the end of my career. I want to be rich. And that’s what my dad raise me up to think of. My dad is a businessman and he would definitely like to see me follow his footsteps. I intend to do that too. My father would be very happy if I could be like him, and so do I. He currently lacks a general manager but he doesn’t want to hire a general manager as it would cost his small/mid-size company a big chunk of money. I could step into that position if I take a course in this genre. I think business is a really fun and challenging career. This will most likely be where I end up in. So here are the jobs I can take.

    •General Management
    •Strategic Planning
    •Operation Management
    •Management Consulting
    •Product Development and Brand Management
    •Market Research
    •Corporate Finance

    If that is not enough, I can consider myself a geek, along with my geek friends. I’m pretty adept in technology, but I don’t think I’m talented enough to pursue a career in this sector. Out of my really small clique of geeks in my school, I’m one of the ‘not so good in tech’ compared to them. I feel that it is pretty competitive by the time I’m out of school and might be saturated by that time too as this sector is increasingly attracting students.

    As for music, I’m okay with guitars and singing. But to pursue a career in it would require exceptional luck. Or I would need to work way harder than I should that I’d be better off pursuing other areas and have better results with the effort I put in.

    Journalism, publishing and teaching might become a viable career for me, but I won’t take a course for any of them. I may get into them through career switches or maybe getting a PhD (most likely no).

    If possible, I want to be able to use all my talents in a job that I enjoy and earns me plenty of money. If you have any other career path recommendations, feel free to tell me.

    For TLDR people, just tell me how do you decide if you have so many options.

  1. Reply

    Have You Observe Evolution With Your Own Eyes? Is “Time’ an excuse.

      • Staff
      • December 21, 2013

      Since you have failed to provide a definition for evolution I will do it by the numbers:

      ev·o·lu·tion [ev-uh-loo-shuhn or, esp. British, ee-vuh-] Show IPA

      1. any process of formation or growth; development: the evolution of a language; the evolution of the airplane. (Has been observed – no problem)

      2. a product of such development; something evolved: The exploration of space is the evolution of decades of research. (Has been observed and documented – no problem)

      3. Biology . change in the gene pool of a population from generation to generation by such processes as mutation, natural selection, and genetic drift. (Has been observed – no problem)

      4. a process of gradual, peaceful, progressive change or development, as in social or economic structure or institutions. (Has been observed – no problem)

      5. a motion incomplete in itself, but combining with coordinated motions to produce a single action, as in a machine. (Has been observed – no problem)

      If you mean something different than those things listed above (dictionary definitions of the word “evolution”) then you need to clarify what you mean.. thank you!

      Pluto and atoms are objects — evolution is a process – comparing the two is a non sequitur. As to the orbital time of Pluto- we have observed the full orbits of other planets so the assumptions behind estimating the orbit of Pluto can be tested and verified.

      Lomax: A virus is not living – and antibiotics are not used to treat viral infections so you are talking nonsense.

      Eridan And The Diamonds: Nonsense, in sexual reproduction only half of the parents traits are passed to the offspring so evolution is observed in every new generation – the allele frequency within a population necessarily changes every time a creature is born.

      Zero – Exactly – Evolution is interesting but pretty meaningless, why some people say it disproves creation or god makes no sense…

      biggalloot2003: Exactly Definition 3 – evolution is nothing more than adaptive changes within existing populations as a response to competition to resources. It explains the survival of existing kinds despite changes in the biosphere – nothing more! So there is no reason for religious to get their panties in a bind and there is no basis for skeptics to argue it disproves creation or God.

      There is a hypothesis that has been going around that evolution can produce much bigger changes over time and even produce novel creatures but the various hypothetical mechanisms behind this hypothesis have eventually been disproved and the observed experience is that evolution over time produces a net loss in selectable options and once the genetic diversity has decreased to a certain point extinction is the inevitable result.

  2. Reply

    Can I Turbo My Car And Still Be Street Legal? I have a mazda protege5 and I wanna know if I can turbo charge my car and still be legal to drive on the street and if so how could I be ale to do this

      • Staff
      • December 21, 2013

      Congratulations on your first car, surely this is an exciting time. I am sure you want to read and hear about everything Protege 5. I’ve assumed that you maybe someone’s son who may have earned the money by working hard in school or on a second shift; thus your money and budget is best suited with an economy car. The following information are for you as well as anyone else who drives any vehicle that does not have a V8 engine.

      You should feel good about the Protege because it is one of the fine examples of Mazda’s light weight engineering philosophy. Like the Lotus series. The Mazda Protege has in its pedigree Kansei engineering, an aspect of science that involves measurable relationship between car and driver through touch, sound and emotion. The Japanese Transportation Ministry and Hiroshima University along with Mazda has baked into their cars Kansei attributes for more than twenty years. Plenty has gone into the research and development of the Protege 5 through many product cycles.

      The best way to make your car faster is to better understand the brand by reading as much as possible. When you add performance parts it will enhance the car’s performance and at the same time maintain its reliability. Consider a cold air intake, it improves the engine’s ability to inhale cold air which better enhances vaporization of the fuel to air ratio, the net effect is increased horsepower in the upper rev range

      Think of a cold air intake as a passive turbo-charger. A cat-back exhaust improves exhalation. The car’s back pressure is reduced enabling gaseous waste to be pushed out more freely, encouraging a vacuum effect within the engine to better express power. Lighter rims will reduce unsprung weight when the car is getting up to speed.

      A lighter flywheel will also have a similar effect. Lowering the car by no more than 1.5″ increases aerodynamics and handling. And finally, synthetic oil and speed work a hand in hand. A good synthetic is a better lubricant than regular oil. Your car runs on fluids, the better the fluids, the less wear and tear. The aftermarket brands compatible to Mazda are AEM, Sportline, Borla and Magnaflow, Enkei, Hella trumpet horns, Castrol or Mobile One.

      There are other upgrade components need to be done as well to ensure the longevity of the power train. I’ve enclosed a few links for you to read so you can plan what need to be done and the money will be needed to do so. Stay with your budget and choose what will be needed to do so.

      You can find more information and how to by looking into plenty video are available at or do more reaching and reading at the folowing web sites:


    • Oscar
    • December 21, 2013

    What The Different Between BMW 520d And BMW 520i?

      • Staff
      • December 21, 2013

      As a mechanical engineer, I have some friends in the automotive engineering business – fishin’ buddys.

      The future craze in automotive bells and whistles will be in diesel engines.
      Typically, gasoline engines get better overall performance, can rev higher and are just plain more versatile. The magic here is with the ignition timing; the spark plug initiates combustion at a desired point in the cycle, and advancing the spark lets the engine rev higher.

      Diesel engines do not have ignition electronics; they depend on spontaneous combustion that happens when the air/fuel mixture is compress so high that spontaneous combustion occurs. Benefit is diesel engines are very efficient at a very focused or narrow band of engine speed. Great for working engines for manufacturing or driving boats long distances; just rev it up to 2200 rpm and keep it there. Good for heavily loaded trucks too, but BORING for sports cars — UNTIL NOW.

      Today’s latest technology uses computerized forced induction (turbo or supercharging) that increases the air, and at the same time the fuel injection computer increases fuel in a way that causes the engine to revolve at higher speeds. It works so well, it is rivaling the characteristics of the gasoline engines. You get the massive torque typical in diesels, and you can get the long range fuel economy, AND you can get the high revving acceleration of a gasoline engine. Downside is if the computer or components ever start to fail, you’re not going to have a good day. Hopefully the design is robust and dependable — they’ve been working on the development engine for this for about 10 years and new products are hitting the market. First was the Audi super-sports car, the R8.

      As are as the NEW 2014 BMW 520i, it’s a little dinky engine, 4 cylinder, twin turbo.
      The twin turbo is TWO-STAGED turbo, meaning there is an initial small turbo that induces a low range of force, then a second high capacity turbo that is cumulative (additional to the first) boosting the air much higher for rapid accels.

      It’s NEAT stuff.

      The 520i is the traditional gasoline fuel injected engine.
      Very respectable car also.

      Hope this helps.

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