Europeans Critique Each Other's Budget Plans

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Finance Comm. OKs warrant articles, questions fire station

23 November 2013 | 8:15 am TOWNSEND — The Finance Committee voted unanimously Nov. 7 to recommended 11 of the 12 finance-related articles on the warrant for the Nov.

Europeans critique each other's budget plans

22 November 2013 | 8:23 pm Finance ministers from nations using the euro currency met Friday for the first time to critique each other's spending plans for next year. The gathering in Brussels was supposed to help reduce the chances …

Poland Seeks Growth With EU Cash, New Finance Chief Says

22 November 2013 | 9:41 am Polands incoming Finance Minister Mateusz Szczurek said hell seek to use European Union funds to bolster a nascent recovery, signaling to investors that growth will remain a priority while the cabinet cuts the deficit.

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The Obamacare Impact on Small Business Finance

21 November 2013 | 9:30 pm The Obamacare impact on small business is widespread, in terms of financing, cost structure and job creation. The market wants certainty.

OECD Forum on International Campaign Finance – OpenSecrets Blog

20 November 2013 | 9:35 pm Last week, CRP money-in-politics reporter Russ Choma went to a multinational conference that looked at whether addressing the issue of money and influence in public decision-making could restore trust in goverment.

Enova slapped by new U.S. consumer finance agency

20 November 2013 | 8:09 pm The parent of Chicago-based online payday lender Enova International Inc. has the dubious distinction of being the first subject of an enforcement action by the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, in part due to

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    She has known this guy for a while now, he just got home from a year long deployment. Hadn’t had any..obviously. She didn’t think he liked her but she likes him. He’s been home for 3 days, and of course his first goal would have been to get some. Him and her hung out, he got drunk, wanted to have sex, they didnt have condoms, but both agreed to it. They live right across the hall from each other, so the next day, the guys buddy invites her to come hang out, the guy she had sex with asks her to come out and talk to him privately. Says..ok, so I do remember everything last night, how are you feeling today. shes confused and says fine..why? he asks her if she needs a plan b? she says no thanks, im on birth control. He’s like well do you have any feelings towards me? and she said, no you said nsa, am I supposed to feel something towards you? which, she does..but she didnt want to be like the only one that felt it..and she said he gave her a weird look and said, no no..its fine. THEN, yes its wrong. but he has a fiance, he was going to split up with her because he’s been home from a year long deployment for almost 4 days and she has yet to come see him..he thinks shes cheating. then he proceeded to tell my friend that him and his finance patched things up, and hopefully they are going to do better this time around?

    obviously thats not too much to go off of, but what do you guys think?
    I told her pretty much the same thing-she said she didn’t want it to be awkward between them if she did say that she liked him and he didn’t feel the same. So after he said that him and his lady “patched things up”, he’s hoping she moves in with him. Should my friend talk to him, or let it be?
    I can’t even figure out my own relationships probs, let alone my friends’! lol They ALWAYS come to me for advice, I’m like uuh hello, I’m the only one here that has been married and divorced, remember?! haha grrrr

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    Is She Interested, Or Just Overly Polite? I went to get a free consultation for lasik surgery Thursday. I signed in at the front desk, filled out the forms, blah. Went up to get some coffee.

    While I was trying to figure out this coffee machine this woman walked up and struck up a conversation. I asked her how to use it and she showed me. She mentioned that she was starving, which stuck out in my mind (why the hell would you tell someone you met 30 seconds ago that you’re starving?). They way she said it seemed forced, like she just wanted to chat with me. We continued our conversation, as she did 80% of the talking, and she went out the lobby as I stayed to wait to be called.

    After I had my intial eye exam I was put in a room to watch a video about lasik. She randomly opened the door and asked me if I needed a drink. Anyway, after my final eye exam she came in and looked at it. She teased me about my poor eye sight and we continued chatting without more than a single moment of silence, her still doing most of the talking. After that I went into her office and waited on her. She came in and said “im back!” man was I glad, and she seemed to be.

    Turns out she is the finance lady and the lady that does the appointments. We made eye contact for at least 5 seconds then, and man, her eyes just had me. incredibly beautiful. She asked if I needed to use the restroom and I said no. She walked me out the place and said “see you in December!” in an excited tone. Idk but it seemed like she wanted to see me again.

    I am kicking myself for not asking her number but talking to her was such a joy I didn’t want to interrupt it. And in the back of my mind I think she is way too good for me. I’m usually shy and clam up around attractive women but I was sooo comfortable around her. It was weird, like I was a completely different person!

    She laughed at every pitiful joke I made!

    Questions she asked during conversation:
    Where I’m from (told her I wasn’t from the area)
    Where in the area I live
    Where do I work
    How long will I be living here

    I go back December 7th. What are the chances I get her number? Its so hard to tell if she was just professional or really interested to a shy guy like me
    I want to mention that I am far from unattractive. I’m just not usually good with meeting women on the spot. She isn’t out of my league at all (although a voice in my head tells me she is), I’m just so used to settling with women less attractive than I am. She is either on my level or a little above it, objectively speaking.

    • Shane
    • November 23, 2013

    If I Buy Something From A Bill Me Latter Sight Such As Stoneberry What Happens If I Don’t Pay For It.? I bought 2 guitars from stone berry they send the item and you pay later PLEASE help I don’t think ill be able to pay for it at all. but id like to keep it without paying and let them kiss my shiny metal azz.

      • Staff
      • November 23, 2013

      Things that can happen range from nothing (unlikely), to reporting you to the credit bureaus as a perpetrator of fraud (which means you will never be able to finance a car or a house), to taking you to small claims court (which means the US Marshals may be authorized to seize ANY of your assets to satisfy the judgment) or the company can file civil and/or criminal suits for fraud, and you could go to jail (especially since you have put your intentions here on the web to prove premeditation.)

      In short, many very bad things can happen to you if you plan and then perpetrate fraud. Much better to return at least one of the guitars and pay for the other one or call he company and try to work out payment terms. Do not just blow this off; the consequences may ruin your life.

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