Internet Traffic Hijacking On The Rise

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Internet traffic hijacking on the rise

20 November 2013 | 7:55 pm Trust-based system abused.,internet-traffic-hijacking-on-the-rise.aspx?utm_source=feed&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=iTnews+

Throw off the spooks by disguising your web traffic

20 November 2013 | 7:22 pm The NSA's massive dragnet could be ripped apart by tools that make it impossible to know what you are doing on your computer

Engineers Plan a Fully Encrypted Internet

20 November 2013 | 5:35 pm Responding to reports of mass surveillance, engineers say theyll make encryption standard in all Web traffic. In response to the public outcry over mass Internet surveillance by the National Security Agency (NSA), the engineers who develop the protocols that underpin the Internet are deep into an effort to encrypt all Web traffic, and expect to have a revamped system ready to roll out by the …

30 Ways to Boost Traffic to Your Website TODAY (Marketing Matters) (Kindle Edition) tagged “internet traffic” 4 times

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Website Traffic Step By Step Guide – Spreadsheet Included + List Building 101 (Kindle Edition) tagged “internet traffic” 4 times

19 April 2012 | 8:15 pm Website Traffic Step By Step Guide - Spreadsheet Included + List Building 101 Website Traffic Step By Step Guide – Spreadsheet Included + List Building 101 (Kindle Edition)By Lee Mellott Buy new: $3.99 Customer Rating: 1.5 Customer tags: website traffic(5), website marketing(5), website(4), web traffic(4), internet traffic(4), free traffic(4), blogs(3), lee mellott(3), blogging(3), list building(2), free website traffic, get website traffic

Someone Forced World Internet Traffic Through Belarus and Iceland …

20 November 2013 | 5:34 pm If you used the Internet in 2013, there's a good chance your traffic passed through the hands of ISPs in Belarus and Iceland. It shouldn't have happened.

Yahoo vows to encrypt website traffic | The Raw Story

18 November 2013 | 10:55 pm Google has already begun scrambling most of the traffic at its websites as technology firms grapple with moves by US intelligence agencies to spy on what people are doing and sharing online. As you know, there have been

Internet architects propose encrypting all the world's web traffic …

15 November 2013 | 11:06 am A vastly larger percentage of the world's web traffic will be encrypted under a near-final recommendation to revise the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) that serves as the foundation for all communications between websites

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  1. Reply

    Separate A Wireless Network From Wired? Can someone tell me if this scenario will work?

    Cable Modem-Connected to Switch-Switch has one connection to the Router for internal/wired network traffic and a second connection to a wireless router for wireless access that doesn’t have access to the internal network?

    I’m looking for the best way to provide wireless access to customers without them having ANY access to our internal network, without a separate Internet connection.

  2. Reply

    Help With An Economics Question? I was given this case that I need to answer for my Econ class but I’m honestly lost! Please help!

    In the past 12 months airlines have been confronted with a doubling of jet fuel prices and sharply rising labor costs. At the same time, airlines have been adding new planes to their fleets at a rate faster than the rise in the number of passengers. These factors have put upward pressure on the operating costs of airlines. In the past, such cost increases would have thrown the industry into turmoil. However, despite these latest upward pressures on cost, airlines posted profits of $4.8 billion in 1999. These 1999 profit levels are not significantly below the industry’s record profits of $5.17 billion.
    How is it possible for the airline firms to earn high levels of profits while the cost of such critical resources as labor and fuel are rising? The answer is that the airlines have implemented new technologies made possible by smarter computers and the internet technology to counterbalance these rising resource costs. New technologies have been applied to (a) the sale of tickets, (b) the scheduling flights and seating passengers, and (c) the processing of passengers at the airport.
    Increasingly, airlines are selling tickets over the internet. For example, Southwest Airlines earns 15 percent of its revenue from internet sales. Recently, four airlines have banded together to develop their own internet ticket selling site to compete with Travelocity, Expedia and other online booking firms that charge airlines transactions fees of as much as 3.5 percent for internet sales. Because of online booking, the airlines have reduced the commissions they pay to travel agents. Some airline executives expect that the commissions paid to travel agents will drop to zero in the next few years.
    By using the latest computer technology, airlines have been able to make use of improved yield management systems. These systems allow the airlines to keep track of factors such as ticket sales, number of empty seats, fuel prices, and the interrelationship between flights. With this information the airlines are able to make rapid adjustments in their scheduling of flights and ticket prices in order to maximize profits. Because of improvements in computer technology, airlines are now able to evaluate thousands of possible connections together rather than having to evaluate each flight separately. This allows the airlines to make more efficient use of their resources and to increase their profit margins. For example, if the analyst finds that tickets are selling slowly in a particular market, he is able to run a simulation based on past experience to determine the effect that opening up more seats to the frequent-flier market or selling tickets at a discount over the internet has on revenues and costs. Because of this improved information about particular markets, the airlines are able to limit the discounted sales to a particular market, and do not have to make these discounts available to all markets.
    Improvements in computer technology have also reduced the airlines’ costs at the airport. Electronic ticket readers have reduced the costs of boarding passengers and have reduced duplicate seat assignments which delay departure times. To improve employee efficiency at the airport, Continental Airlines uses a single computer system that considers 400 factors to calculate staffing in five-minute block intervals. Hence, it is able to carefully match staffing with fluctuations in passenger traffic.

    1.Other things being equal, what effect would rising labour and fuel costs have on the supply of airline tickets? Illustrate graphically.
    2.Refer to question 1. What would happen to the equilibrium price and quantity of airline tickets as a result of the rise in labour costs and fuel prices? Illustrate graphically. Assume that other things are equal.
    3.Other things being equal, what would be the effect of the technological change in the airline industry on the supply of airline tickets? Illustrate graphically.
    4.Refer to question 3. What would happen to the equilibrium price and quantity of airline tickets as a result of the technological change in the airline industry? Illustrate graphically. Assume that other things are equal.
    5.Refer to questions 1-4 above. Assume that demand for airline tickets doesn’t change but that the equilibrium price of tickets declines and the equilibrium quantity increases because of the combined effects of the technological change and the increases in fuel and labour costs. What do you conclude?
    6.Use the marginal revenue product-marginal resource cost approach to explain how the internet technology has resulted in the decline of airline ticket sales by travel agents.
    7.Explain how the recent technological changes in the airline industry make it easier for firms in the airline industry to practise price discrimination.

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    What Are System Requirements For Hosting A Website On My Computer? I want to create a website that is based on gaming ,tech reviews,how to,movies,music etc and with that i wanted to create a website like youtube and i choose bluehost but then i learned that ffmpeg was not supported because it is too power hungary…and vps and dedicated hosting is too expensive for i decided to get bluehost for all things except Video site.
    I have decided to host video site on my old laptop(not on main computer because of security reasons).My laptop is SATELLITE L20-181
    Windows® XP Home Edition
    Intel® Celeron® M Processor 380
    XGA TFT display
    40 GB
    256 MB
    DDR2 RAM
    I am starting a new video site so this is no going to get much traffic at first so what you think will it handle it or not.If the traffic gets more then i will think something but at start will it do the job ?And how much mb internet connection do i need for it currently i have 4mb connection with 1 mb upload speed?And which OS should i choose Linux or Xp?
    i want host on my own computer 🙂

      • Staff
      • November 20, 2013

      1. There’s no precise set of specifications that are required for a web server. What you will need will depend on what software you are running. Serving static web pages to very few users requires almost nothing computer-wise (you could do it on a calculator). Serving a PHP-driven site with a MySQL backend will require a bit more.

      2. A server-oriented Linux system would have better performance, especially with only 256 MB of RAM. If you have no experience with it, it can be more of a challenge to set up, but it’s more than worth it for the security and performance benefit.

      3. For a low number of visitors, the connection speed doesn’t really matter that much, especially since they probably won’t have a much faster connection themselves. For more visitors, you would obviously want a lot more, preferably into the GBps range.

    • James
    • November 20, 2013

    Traffic Camera Question? I noticed this camera the other day while driving. It is on a T-intersection where a main road connects to a side street. On the corner of these two roads (the main and the side street) there is a tall pole (about double the height of the traffic lights) with a small grey camera on top that is angled at about 45 degrees. I don’t think it could be a red light camera because of it’s angle (it looks like it’s focused on the main road about 15 metres from the intersection). Also aren’t red light cameras usually accompanied by a section device?

    I noticed a couple more of these tall grey cameras further along this main road. Just curious as to what it’s purpose is.

      • Staff
      • November 20, 2013

      The very tall cameras at the 45-degree angles are used to monitor traffic flow, as Travelmaster mentioned. They’re the cameras that provide the footage that you see on the Internet and on TV traffic reports.

      Red light cameras–I personally can think of no clear exceptions–are lower and are accompanied by lights or flashes to illuminate people’s license plates. There should also be a road sign nearby which tells you that you’re approaching a red light camera.

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