Blogging Families

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The Definitive Guide to Corporate Blogging for Marketers

12 November 2013 | 6:19 pm Blogging. For one contingent of marketers, pumping out posts on the company blog is their favorite part of the day; an opportunity to muse about industry news, highlight their product, and release creative fuel that is otherwise bottled up. For other marketers, blogging is the chore in the way of getting "more important" work accomplished. In other words, writing daily posts is an endless …*%7CEMAIL%7C*

Blogging Families

12 November 2013 | 4:18 am " target="_blank"> RGJ Blogging Families Sevil Omer shares the stories behind today's families in blogging-families.

Food blogging for fame and fortune

11 November 2013 | 4:19 pm While visiting Israel, Dianne Jacob, whose blog and guide to food writing are both called 'Will Write for Food,' discusses her conversion to online Journalism.

WordPress Domination – Beginner to NINJA in 7 Days – The WordPress How to Book for Blogging on the Web (Kindle Edition) tagged “blogging” 50 times

16 April 2013 | 4:38 pm WordPress Domination - Beginner to NINJA in 7 Days - The WordPress How to Book  for Blogging on the Web WordPress Domination – Beginner to NINJA in 7 Days – The WordPress How to Book for Blogging on the Web (Kindle Edition)By Lambert Klein Buy new: $4.95 Customer Rating: 4.5 Customer tags: wordpress(74), website traffic(68), blogging(50), wordpress marketing(47), internet marketing(46), wordpress advance(46), internet(45), wordpress beginners(43), seo(42), blogger(40), wordpress guide(37), plugins(36)

Julie & Julia (DVD) tagged “blogging” 37 times

13 February 2013 | 10:55 pm Julie & Julia Julie & Julia (DVD)By Meryl Streep Buy new: $7.49261 used and new from $0.01 Customer Rating: 4.5 Customer tags: julia child(124), meryl streep(123), cooking(94), french cuisine(67), amy adams(64), stanley tucci(62), food(53), blogging(37), biography(35), nora ephron(13), amelie eden(10), the spiritual hedonista(10)

Engagement from Scratch! How Super-Community Builders Create a Loyal Audience and How You Can Do the Same! (Kindle Edition) tagged “blogging” 37 times

11 January 2013 | 5:12 pm Engagement from Scratch! How Super-Community Builders Create a Loyal Audience and How You Can Do the Same! Engagement from Scratch! How Super-Community Builders Create a Loyal Audience and How You Can Do the Same! (Kindle Edition)By Guy Kawasaki Buy new: $6.99 Customer Rating: 4.5 Customer tags: marketing(288), entrepreneurship(281), blogging(37), marketing online(35), entrepreneur(33), online business(28), social media(27), entrepreneurs(26), entrepreneurial mindset(26), community(24), entrepreneurshi p(6), blog reciprocity(4)

How to Make Your Own Free Website: And Your Free Blog Too (Kindle Edition) tagged “blogging” 160 times

14 November 2012 | 8:51 pm How to Make Your Own Free Website: And Your Free Blog Too How to Make Your Own Free Website: And Your Free Blog Too (Kindle Edition)By Jason Matthews Buy new: $3.82 Customer Rating: 4.5 Customer tags: internet marketing(161), internet business(160), blogging(160), blog(159), web design(156), website design(156), wordpress(152), internet presence(124), make free website(122), your own website(112), make a free website(109), how to blog(96)

Get On Google Front Page (Paperback) tagged “blogging” 126 times

20 October 2012 | 4:12 pm Get On Google Front Page Get On Google Front Page (Paperback)By Jason Matthews Buy new: $8.9932 used and new from $6.89 Customer Rating: 4.5 Customer tags: search engine optimization(141), google(140), internet(139), seo(138), internet marketing(138), online business(137), e-business(132), blog(129), blogging(126), seo tips(121), e-commerce(90), google seo(71)

The Must Have Tool For Blogging Photographers | Fstoppers

12 November 2013 | 8:59 pm Blogging is essential for photography. Not only does it provide an unique interaction with potential clients and fans of your work, but it's also essential for SEO purposes. When building web presence, every expert in the field of

Brian Stelter's anonymous blogging days JIMROMENESKO.COM

12 November 2013 | 5:54 pm Brian Stelter's anonymous blogging days. bs2 New York Times in 2006: [Brian] Stelter originally started the blog under the name CableNewser. He concealed his identity so that his growing audience would take him seriously

Dallas Cowboys News & Notes: Beleaguered … – Blogging the Boys

12 November 2013 | 2:17 pm Latest Dallas Cowboys headlines: The bye week comes at an opportune moment for the Cowboys to regroup, Jason Hatcher is recovering well, and Dez Bryant's back is fine.

MAKE MONEY BLOGGING Learn To Succeed In Blogging ebook Full Resell Rights PDF

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Somerset Studio's ARTFUL BLOGGING :: Feb/Mar/Apr 2010 :: Vol 4 Issue 1

13 November 2013 | 4:08 am $5.99 (0 Bids)
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Professional Blogging for Dummies by Susan J. Getgood (2010, Paperback)

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The Rough Guide to Blogging 1 (Rough Guide Reference) Yang, J. A., Rough Guides

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  1. Reply

    Why Is My PR Still N/a With A Low Alexa Score And Large Amount Of Page Views? I have a lifestyle/mom blog, I have been blogging for about 11 months and actively for about 6 months (posts several times a week). My Alexa rank is 403,575. my klout is in the 60’s, I have 10k+ twitter followers and 600+ facebook fans, 12k pageviews monthly, yet when I check my PR it still says n/a. I tried googling my page and keywords and my blog comes up in a search so I know its not blocked.
    I started blogging knowing nothing about web building so I only know what I learn from googling blogging advice.

    My alexa box says I have 17 links in, I’m not sure what impact that has.

    Any advise on how to build up from N/A?

  2. Reply

    What Are Habbo Retros? I’ve seen them on youtube they look real cool but what are they?

      • Staff
      • November 13, 2013

      Habbo Retros (also known as a Private Server or just shortened to Retros) is the name given to a website that mimics the style of an official Habbo Hotel site and is not operated by Sulake. Operating a Habbo Retro is illegal due to the unauthorized use of copyrighted material in order to fully mimic the operation of a real Habbo site.
      Over the years, there have been a small number of court cases brought against offending sites and many have resulted in sites being shut down. Some Retros have sometimes 1,000+ users online, a clear indication of the fact that they impact Sulake’s level of business at a high level. However, due to the high number of these sites, there are still a high number active despite attempts at making the core of the Habbo server software more secure and more sophisticated in its methods – less easy to emulate.
      ——————————–Types of Habbo retro———————————–
      Old School
      Old School retros are hotels that mimic the older versions of Habbo, usually from v1 – v17, hence the term Old School. These retros are simple and have many features of the older versions of Habbo, such as logging in through the client, changing clothes on hotel view, and the notable Habbo Console. These types of Retro do not depend on a website and as they are based on an older version of Habbo do not benefit from any currently development by Sulake and are therefore vulnerable to older problems such as scripting.

      HoloCMS retros are hotels that run like the current versions of Habbo. These retros are more complex and have more features than Old School, such as more furni, a CMS styled in the never format and a more sophisticated Housekeeping tool, and the Effects.

      Another variation of HoloCMS is PHPRetro.

      “RP” (short for Roleplay) hotels are a different type of HoloCMS and run on a different server version. In RP hotels, players take part in various roleplay acts, which mimic real life situations. Users can take part in alternative activities such as going to a job or going to jail.
      Most Habbo Retros operate as follows:

      An emulator, which runs the actual base code of the Retro. This handles any events which take place on the Flash client of the site. The emulator is typically written in the language C# and is reliant on a mySQL database which holds data such as user account information.
      A CMS (Content Management System), which handles the dynamics of the website. Tasks such as the creation of news articles are controlled by this piece of web software which operates in a similar way to blogging software such as WordPress.
      Because of their simplicity, old school retros consist of three main things: a server, a third-party application which is an emulator, basically powering the entire retro when it’s run; a loader, a piece of HTML code which acts as the client; and a website made from a website-hosting service (such as, which acts as the main vehicle and provides a place to insert the HTML loader.

      Retros often distribute large amounts of Habbo coins to players which is an immediately obvious benefit of playing a Retro Hotel. Often, players can buy items which are super rares on Habbo for a fraction of the price due to the separated economy.
      Staff permissions can also be given out freely to players which wouldn’t happen on an official Habbo Hotel due to the fact that any moderation role on a Habbo Hotel requires the same application procedure as any other formal job and thus due to the fact that may players of Habbo are aged under 18, they obviously cannot apply to become a Habbo moderator. So, Retros offer a good opportunity for regular players to experience the use of usually restricted access roles.1000px-MOD-TOOL
      A screenshot of the CFH and other moderation tools on a retro.
      Players often also have access to Habbo usernames seen as being especially rare or desirable due to the low user account level on individual retro communities.
      Most Retros are not censored so obscene language is not an issue, something which may be seen as an advantage to some players, especially if aged over 18.
      Some Habbo Retros can carry a malicious software on their website, such as a keylogger, virus, or any other malware. The sites can contain any variation of malware, such as a keylogger, which records all keystrokes on a target user’s PC. Often, this type of virus would be used in order to gain the login details of someone’s Habbo Hotel account which could be used to make real world money.

  3. Reply

    What Are Some Good Blog Websites? I want to write my thoughts and opinions and share ideas but I want a really good blog website to write on. NO tumblr, facebook or any of that. I have those, but they aren’t good for just “blogging”. It has to be free and easy to use. Thanks

      • Staff
      • November 13, 2013

      Google’s or are 2 popular traditional blog platforms, Blogger has no paid upgrades but is a proprietary engine that makes relocating more tricky, wordpress is the industry standard blog platform used on some 17% of the top 1 million sites, the free hosted version has some minor limitations.

      Don’t use your real name, no doubt you will find some of what you write now to be a big embarrassment later in life.

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