Google Analytics Adds Demographics And Interests To Website Profiles

Website Promotion has been talked about a lot lately. Here is the latest info.

Google Analytics Adds Demographics and Interests to Website Profiles

23 October 2013 | 9:52 pm The Google Analytics product team has recently begun rolling out additional user demographics within client website profiles, including visitors' ages and interests. Search Engine Watch reports that currently about 20 percent of users are seeing the change. Users who are part of the 20 percent of website managers that will see this change will need to log in and follow the listed instructions …

China Injection Molding Factory Updates Its Website, And Launches A Site-wide Promotion

23 October 2013 | 2:54 pm is a well-known china injection molding factory, and its products and services include injection molding and assembly of plastic products. Today, the company announces its new website and launches a site-wide promotion. (PRWeb October 23, 2013) Read the full story at

Would a CGI Animated Professional Wrestling Promotion Succeed?

23 October 2013 | 2:46 pm COMMENTARY | The increasing emphasis on safety in professional wrestling coupled with developments in CGI animation may soon lead to a groundbreaking change in how fans enjoy sports entertainment.–spt.html

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Internet marketing strategies to help promote effective marketing …

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7 Twitter Secrets to Promote Your Small Business Website

24 October 2013 | 2:56 pm 7 great Twitter secrets that will increase your small business website traffic. These are essential Twitter tips to attract clients and make connections.

How to Promote Your Website for Free | SEO Theory

24 October 2013 | 1:00 pm The tools for free Website promotion have not really changed much over the past fifteen years. The rules imposed by search engines have changed and their abilities to enforce those rules have improved. So we need to look

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    • Eric
    • October 24, 2013

    Navy Submarine Navigator? Some websites I have seen say of a job on submarines called “Navigator”. However, most of the time they do not give much detail on it, and when I google it no detailed websites come up. Is this a branch of “Submarine Officer” (meaning do different Sub. Officers have different responsibilities?) or is this an entirely different position in general? Thanks!
    Thanks for the answers! So summed up, on your 2nd sea tour as a Sub. Officer, you are assigned either Executive Officer, Commanding Officer, Engineering Officer, Sonar Officer, Communications Officer, Weapons Officer, or Navigator?

    1. Reply

      Squid is correct. While all submarine officers qualify the same watch stations (supervisory watch in the nuclear engine room, officer of the deck, etc.) and stand watch in rotations, they all have different billets at various times.

      Junior officers (on their first sea tour) will hold positions such as electrical officer, main propulsion assistant, reactor controls assistant, communications officer, sonar officer, etc. There are typically about 10 (plus or minus) junior officers on board at a time holding various jobs that they switch around every year or so.

      On your second sea tour, you are a department head (Squid mentioned the different DH roles). A DH stays in that position their entire time on that submarine for about 3 years, before rotating back to shore duty. The Navigator is one of those department head positions, and while you still stand watch as Officer of the Deck at sea or Ships Duty Officer in port, the navigator is responsible for navigation (of course), ensuring charts are updated and safe to pilot from, all communications systems, top secret control, and a good amount of other things.


      @Bill – the Engineer officer is almost always the third highest ranking officer on board; the billet requires you to be a LCDR, so even when the Nav makes LCDR (if he even does during his DH tour…which sometimes doesn’t happen because promotions get pushed off to shore tours sometimes now), the Eng still in most cases has more time in rate.


      @OP: “So summed up, on your 2nd sea tour as a Sub. Officer, you are assigned either Executive Officer, Commanding Officer, Engineering Officer, Sonar Officer, Communications Officer, Weapons Officer, or Navigator?”
      No. Some clarification:

      The career pipeline of a typical submarine officer goes like this:

      -Graduate from your commissioning source (NROTC, Naval Academy, OCS) as an Ensign

      -Go through 12 months of nuclear power training and ~2 months of submarine school

      -Arrive at your first submarine as a junior officer, and spend ~32-40 months there. You’ll serve as a division officer for multiple divisions over that time. Your first division will be in the Engineering Department, and you have to be an engineering division officer for at least one year. Here, you might be Electrical Officer, Chemistry/Radiological Assistant, Reactor Controls Assistant, Damage Control Assistant, or Main Propulsion Assistant. After a year in engineering, you could then take over a different division in the Weapons or Navigation departments. These include the division officer for Sonar division, Fire Control division, or Torpedo division (usually you’ll be the Assistant Weapons Officer, overseeing all of them). You could also be the Communications officer, the Assistant Engineer, or Assistant Navigator. The division/s you are responsible for will change over time, and will depend on the needs of the boat, how many other junior officers are there, etc. The ranks here are Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade, or Lieutenant.

      -Go to your shore tour (~2 years). Most junior officers get out of active duty after their first shore tour…if you stay in after this, it’s almost always to make it a full career.

      -Spend 6 months at Submarine Officer Advanced Course

      -Go to your second submarine as a Department Head for ~3 years. Here, you’ll either serve as the Engineer Officer, Navigator, or Combat Systems Officer (Weapons Officer). Ranks here are Lieutenant and Lieutenant Commander

      -Go to your second shore tour (~2 years)

      -Attend schools to prepare to be an Executive Officer

      -Go to your third submarine as the Executive Officer for ~1.5-2 years. Lieutenant Commander.

      -Go to your third shore tour, in addition to courses to prepare you as a commanding officer.

      -Go to your fourth sea tour as a Commanding Officer for ~2.5 years. This rank is Commander. You’re in for about 20 years at this point.

      -Go to shore tour to take major command (rank Captain) of any of a variety of significant installations or shore-based commands.

      (This is for a fast attack submarine. Ballistic missile submarines are similar, but vary slightly).

    • Tom
    • October 24, 2013

    Is There Any Way To Upgrade To IPhone 5s Or 5c For Free? If So How Can I Do It? Hello. I have an old iphone 3 and I want to upgrade to a 5s or 5c!! But I am a broke teenager and I don’t have any money. Is there any way to get a free iPhone 5s upgrade now? Any promotions that will let you upgrade for free maybe? I know it is unlikely but I figured it was worth asking… thanks. Maybe if I extend my contract or something?

    1. Reply

      Yes you can upgrade your iPhone to an iPhone 5s, but only if you are on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile. You need an upgrade promo code to do it, then you can enter the code into your cell provider’s website and you will get an upgrade for free. The codes are generally only for employees or friends/family of employees, however after a quick search I found this site which offers the employee promo codes for all 4 cell providers, you can find it here:

      this should work for you! I got my phone upgraded from a samsung galaxy 3 to an iPhone 5s with one of these codes. I am on Verizon.

  1. Reply

    Is A Scam? My mom signed up for a contest to win a trip a few days ago. The contest was on facebook and it required you too enter your name,email & telephone number. The trip was drawed for today & we received a call around 7:00pm saying that we had won. Apparently we won three(3) trips for up too four people. It payed for a hotel & accommodations, we have too pay the airfare ect. The trip included 5 days 4 nights in Daytona beach florida, 4 days 3 nights in orlando florida, 5 days 4 nights in Miami florida or las vegas (our choice) & a 5 day 4 night trip too cancun Mexico… They asked for a payment of 574$US & claimed that they are a US company from Florida called IV PROMOTIONS. They said we have 12 months too book the trips but that time frame can be extended. They gave us some information & we spoke too several different people all saying the same thing. It was legit, ect. We made the payment but put a cap on the credit card so that they cant take out anymore because we are unsure if this is real or a scam.. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP?? DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THIS IS A SCAM??

    1. Reply

      Looks like a timeshare promotion.

      Some red flags.

      1)Company does not list their Florida reseller of travel license.

      It’s mandated by state.

      2) Website says they are in Utah.

      You have 60 days to dispute credit card charge.

      They will string you along till 60 days has elapsed.

      Get your money back now before it’s too late.

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