Now Amazon Dangles Fat Freebies To Lure Hungry Upstarts Into Its Server Lair

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Now Amazon dangles fat freebies to lure hungry upstarts into its server lair

10 October 2013 | 9:41 pm Uncle Bezos' cloud sirens spaff more profit in war with Microsoft Amazon has figured out another way to avoid making any profits: this time by giving away loads of its Amazon Web Services resources to startups, opening up another cash-hemorrhaging front in its ongoing cloud war with Microsoft.

Targa Resources Announces Timing of Third Quarter 2013 Earnings Releases and 2013 Investor & Analyst Presentation and …

10 October 2013 | 9:25 pm HOUSTON — Targa Resources Corp. ("TRC" or the "Company") and Targa Resources Partners LP ("Targa Resources Partners" or the "Partnership") announced today that …

Amazon Web Services launches free service to get startups on the cloud

10 October 2013 | 6:15 pm Amazon Web Services has launched AWS Activate a set of resources available for free to help startups use the cloud

Create HTML5 Websites with Google Web Designer … – WebAppers

9 October 2013 | 7:31 am Web Development Company. There's some great resources here! I'll definitely be saving this for later so I have a variety of places to learn from. Stephan Lueck. for the moment is it

8 Must-have Cheat Sheets for Web Designers and Developers …

9 October 2013 | 4:14 am As a web designer or developer, it's nearly impossible to remember multiple programming languages, frameworks, and keyboard shortcuts to various applications.

Harp A Static Web Server with Built-in Preprocessing … – WebAppers

8 October 2013 | 7:05 am Open Source Resources for You. What we need is a list of the top quality resources, so that we can spend more time on our web development. WebAppers only picks the top quality web development resources for you.

Pantone Web Color Resource Kit by David White, Hayden Development Group Staff…

10 October 2013 | 7:03 pm $63.90
End Date: Saturday Nov-9-2013 11:02:40 PST
Buy It Now for only: $63.90
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End Date: Wednesday Oct-16-2013 12:37:05 PDT
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Biomechanics of Sport and Exercise : Includes Web Resource and MaxTRAQ 2D…

9 October 2013 | 5:32 pm $99.95
End Date: Friday Nov-8-2013 9:31:19 PST
Buy It Now for only: $99.95
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StarGuard With Web Resource-4th Edition: Best Practices for Lifeguards, Jill Whi

9 October 2013 | 7:42 am $9.38
End Date: Thursday Nov-7-2013 23:41:09 PST
Buy It Now for only: $9.38
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Life Span Motor Development With Web Resource-5th Editi

8 October 2013 | 7:48 pm $42.49
End Date: Thursday Nov-7-2013 11:52:35 PST
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  1. Reply

    Beginners Guide To Mobile App Developer/web Developer Architecture? I don’t really understand how web pages tie up with servers etc… in the real world, What materials would you recommend good reading for the non programmer?

    1. Reply

      To make a website live on internet you’ll need a hosting service for it. You need to be aware of some of the web design and development languages for creating websites:
      – HTML: base of a website and is a markup language used for structuring a document of a website.
      – CSS: style sheet language used for presentation of a structured document.
      – JavaScript: a scripting language used for form handling purpose.
      – JQuery: a library of JavaScript used for making the website more interactive.
      – PHP: a server side scripting language which gives full control over a website to make it work. Site like Facebook are built on this PHP language.
      – MySQL: a database used for storing the user’s information.

      You need a simple text editor such as Notepad++ or SublimeText for coding. These software are free to download. And for testing a website before bringing live on Internet you’ll also need a local server for it. You can either use XAMPP server or WAMP server for it.
      For the start up I recommend some of the following online resources for learning all these languages- – This website has theory which every part of these web design and developing languages. And also have a online text editor for practice. – This website provides free video tutorials on computer programming languages that are very simple and easy to understand. – This website is a paid but have expert tutors that can teach you all kinds of different computer programming languages.


      For developing mobile applications, you need to know Java for Android applications development or C++ for iOS app development. For Android applications development, Google itself provides free education on it. Here is the link for it-

      You can also learn mobile application development on Plural Sight also.

    • Ivan
    • October 10, 2013

    I Want To Learn Coding(games). Where Should I Start? The reason I want to learn is because I want to make computer applications, learn how to make websites and learn game programming. I know that learning any of these things takes a crap load of time so I am very aware of that. In addition, I know that I should learn several “languages” to get started but there are so many and I really don’t know what each one is used for.

    So, I have started with C++ (I have a compiler called codeblocks) but was wondering if I really want to start there. As of right know, all I know how to do is to make a very basic calculator…and that’s it.
    I am watching this guy’s tutorials on youtubue and so far so good. He has around 70 videos for c++ and codeblocks and several playlists for other languages and stuff but I dont know if I should get all my info from him.

    BONUS: I play a game called mine craft on the xbox 360 but there is a version of it on the pc (different format i believe anvil). A lot of people used to put their game saves(xbox) on usb drives, use a decompressor and use hex editor to modify game saves. My question is: is it possible to make a converter/translator for the pc version so I could import saves/maps from the pc to the xbox? anvil to region an vice versa?

    Sorry for the long post. thanks

    1. Reply

      Game Programming- You have chosen the right programming language for startup. C++ is the best and most widely used programming language for developing games for any kind of platforms. But developing a game is not one’s man job, you’ll need character models, level design, animation, rendering, taking actions and many more things to put it together. But it is good to be aware of these things. Here I have listed some of the website where you can continue with your C++- – It is a paid website but have expert tutors that can teach you kind of programming languages from beginner to advanced. – This website provides point to point information about every basic of C++.

      Alternatively, you can start with JavaScript, it is scripting language basically for developing web pages but now with Unity 3D Game Engine, it can also be used for developing good quality 3D games. It is very easy to learn and also you’ll find free online tutorials on it. Unity 3D is a game engine on which you develop games by using three different computer languages – JavaScript, C# and Boo. There are two version of it – Free and other is Pro. You can download Unity from its official website and they have free video tutorials to get started with JavaScript language. Here is the link-

      Unity 3D Download –
      Unity 3D Tutorials and reference manuals –

      Another link for creating games with unity –

      But make sure before using this game engine you must have good PC equipped with good graphic card. And also if you want to use to create your game models and levels by yourself then you can use Blender 3D. It is free lightweight program and have all the features that Autodesk 3DS Max have for creating models, rendering, and animation. Here is the download link for it –
      Its an official site and also they provide free video tutorials on Blender 3D.


      Computer Applications – For creating computer you must have a good knowledge either in Java or C++ because most of the software are built on these languages and also these languages are used for mobile application development i.e. Java for Android application development and C++ for iOS applications development. Don’t know much about the iOS Applications development tutorials but for Android application development, Google have provided free education for developing your first android applications. Here is the link for it-


      Website Design and Development – For website development, you must have a knowledge about the following languages-
      1. HTML – base of a website and is a markup languages for structuring a website.
      2. CSS – a style sheet language used for presentation of a structured website.
      3. JavaScript – a scripting language mainly used for form handling.
      4. JQuery – a library of JavaScript used for making website more interactive by including image sliders, cool navigation menus, image gallery and much more.
      5. PHP – a server side scripting language which give full control over a website.
      6. MySQL – a database languages basically used for storing the user’s information.
      7. AJAX – this language is mainly used for updating a particular content without refreshing a whole

      You’ll find several websites free or paid for learning these web design and development languages. Some of the best resources for learning are-
      – The New Boston – This website is good for the beginners and this provides free video tutorials on computer programming languages which are very simple and easy to understand. Here is the link for it-

      – Code Academy – This website has theory and also has online editors for practicing codes. Good website for startup and it also provide free projects for practicing-
      Link –

      – W3Schools – Another theoretical website but provides point to point information about every basic of web design and development languages.
      Link –

      Don’t know much about your bonus question but there are that kind of application through which we can convert our saves files and used it on different platforms Similarly, like we can play PS2 games on PC by using PCSX2 emulator but need a good PC for PS2 games smoothly.

  2. Reply

    From Where To Learn Web Development Languages(html, Css, Java Script , Php And Mysql), Python And Java? From where to learn web development languages(html, css, java script , php and mysql), python and java?
    Resource may be internet and books……
    and time to master in these languages to make my own blog from this.
    And which ide or editor will be good for dynamic language and python.i have installed netbeans for java on my ubuntu.
    I just know cout, cin and while loop in c and i will have 1 hr a day to do this stuff….

  3. Reply

    Will The FBI Come After Me? So I know this sounds terrible but I really looked at some things I shouldn’t have. Such as how to make bombs and mustard gas. Now before you guys say things let me explain. So I enjoy working with chemicals and figuring out how things work and combust and stuff. I especially like pyrotechnics. Anyways I looked up things in case of DIRE emergency and I’m afraid that it looks really suspicious. Am I just paranoid?

    1. Reply

      The f b i puts alot of stuff on the web that is just ridiculous and those things they tell you to due would never work. no the fbi has better things to do. now if you threatned to kill someone online, or if you bought a gallon of nitroglycerin from an online science website or an unusual amount of bomb making chemicals they might visit you, to do a threat annalyis but no they not going to watch you. i knew a guy who had a pipe bomb in a car. the car was inpounded by police. at the police station inpound the bomb was found in the car. an f b i agent in an old school square style lincoln visited this guys house. the guy was like well i like to make boar and blow them up here in the country. the fbi agent was like ok have a good day. i have also heard that fbi QUESTION NOT ARREST BUT QUESTION and talk to people who make pipe bombs to throw into lakes to kill fish. ๐Ÿ™‚ public safety funding is at ITS LOWEST EVER. AND MAJOR CRIME IS HIGH. THE FBI has to worry organized criminal gangs, domestic and foreign spies and terrorists, not to mention corrupt politicians, bad police, bank, atm robbers hackers, skimmers, scao artists, rapists, murderers, people who abduct and enslave people, human traffickers, and child pornographers. you think they will waste resources on some average guy who visits a site that has b.s. info? only time fbi will get involved in low level criminal investigations is if a person goes to another state or country. you have a higher likelihood of being tracked by the fbi if you take secret photos of people in public and put those pics on the web. (see the fbi investigates behavior, the economy, social things. not everything the fbi does is of a criminal or national security nature ๐Ÿ™‚ the fbi has investigated the phenomenon of people taking secret pictures of other people in public. ๐Ÿ™‚ each fbi agent works on average twenty different criminal cases at the same time. ๐Ÿ™‚ anytime the fbi start an investigation they use about fourty agents per case. most of the time the feds use local or state police manpower. will you OR I get a terrorism or any other investigation leved against us for visiting a stupid “how to” make bomb website? ๐Ÿ™‚ THATS A BIG NO. ๐Ÿ™‚ IT WONT HAPPEN. NOW IF YOU DO BAD THINGS OR SAY BAD THINGS and also visit such sites THATS a TOTALLY DIFFERENT scenario. there is state intelligence fusion centres and the state police who work there might investigate or at least start a file on you. but again even they dont have resources.

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