SmartHub ECommerce Study Releases Cyber Monday Results

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SmartHub eCommerce Study Releases Cyber Monday Results

11 April 2013 | 8:41 pm ATLANTA, April 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –Innotrac Corporation (NASDAQ: INOC), a best-of-breed commerce provider integrating digital technology, fulfillment, and contact center solutions to support global …

Cost Plus World Market Wins Award of Excellence as MarketLive Honors Top eCommerce Sites

11 April 2013 | 5:00 pm MarketLive, the leading provider of eCommerce technology and services for high-growth merchants, today announced the winners of its annual MarketLive Merchant Awards, honoring the top performing eCommerce …

Magento Rallies Merchants, Partners, and Developers at Third Imagine eCommerce Conference

9 April 2013 | 7:10 pm Magento, the leading eCommerce platform, today at the Imagine eCommerce 2013 conference highlighted the tremendous momentum across the Magento ecosystem of merchants, designers, developers, partners and integrators.

Inside the Giant Machine: Confessions of a Former Technologist (Kindle Edition) tagged “ecommerce” 8 times

28 September 2012 | 2:03 pm Inside the Giant Machine: Confessions of a Former Technologist Inside the Giant Machine: Confessions of a Former Technologist (Kindle Edition)By Kalpanik S. Buy new: $1.99 Customer Rating: 3.0 Customer tags: amazon(15), immigrant experience(11), witty(11), kindle(9), jeff bezos(9), controversial(9), funny(8), ecommerce(8), business(8), best of 2011(8), social commerce(5), amazon warehouse(4)

E-Commerce Blueprint: The Step-by-Step Guide to Success (Kindle Edition) tagged “ecommerce” 12 times

20 September 2012 | 3:16 am E-Commerce Blueprint: The Step-by-Step Guide to Online Store Success E-Commerce Blueprint: The Step-by-Step Guide to Online Store Success (Kindle Edition)By Rob Mabry Buy new: $6.99 Customer Rating: 3.0 Customer tags: ecommerce(12), e-commerce ebook(12), e-commerce(12), e commerce(11), e-commerce book(11), ecommerce ebook(11), e-commerce 2012(10), ecommerce book(10), e-commerce guide(10), e-commerce strategy(10), e commerce ebook(7), ecommerce guide(7)

Free Website Traffic – 10 Proven Techniques To Promote Your Website (Kindle Edition) tagged “ecommerce” 30 times

17 September 2012 | 12:12 am Free Website Traffic - 10 Proven Free Traffic Techniques To Promote Your Website Free Website Traffic – 10 Proven Free Traffic Techniques To Promote Your Website (Kindle Edition)By Ming Jong Tey Buy new: $2.99 Customer Rating: 3.0 Customer tags: internet business(30), ecommerce(30), internet marketing(30), marketing online(30), free website traffic(30), online business(30), increase website traffic(29), online marketing(29), marketing(29), blogging(29), traffic(22), web marketing(22)

ShowMe Guides osCommerce Online Merchant 2.3.1 User Manual (Paperback) tagged “ecommerce” 12 times

30 May 2012 | 8:30 pm ShowMe Guides osCommerce Online Merchant 2.3.1 User Manual ShowMe Guides osCommerce Online Merchant 2.3.1 User Manual (Paperback)By Kerry Watson Buy new: $24.2523 used and new from $21.13 Customer Rating: 3.0 Customer tags: monika math(12), internet(12), ecommerce(12), shopping cart(12), e-business(12), php shopping cart(12), retail(12), packt(12), oscommerce(12), e-commerce(12)

27 May 2012 | 11:31 pm E-commerce Get It Right! Essential Step-by-Step Guide for Selling & Marketing Products Online. Insider Secrets, Key Strategies & Practical Tips - Simplified for Start-Ups & Small Businesses E-commerce Get It Right! Essential Step-by-Step Guide for Selling & Marketing Online. Insider Secrets, Key Strategies & Practical Tips – Simplified for Start-Ups & Small Businesses (Paperback)By Ian Daniel Buy new: $17.0730 used and new from $14.54 Customer Rating: 3.0 Customer tags: e-commerce(13), ecommerce 2012(12), ecommerce 2011(12), ecommerce(12), internet marketing(12), ecommerce website design(12), ecommerce book(12), online marketing(12), ecommerce business(12), e-commerce book(11), e-commerce guide(11), ecommerce 2010(11)

Is editorial the new e in ecommerce? | Econsultancy

12 April 2013 | 9:20 am Since the very first emergence of an add-to-basket logo, brands and publishers have been evolving their product content to create a more inspirational offering, one that can lead smoothly to a transaction.

eBay-Backed E-Commerce Software Company ChannelAdvisor …

11 April 2013 | 9:37 pm The latest technology company to join the IPO bandwagon is e-commerce optimization company ChannelAdvisor. The S-1, filed with the SEC today, indicates that C..

Vision: Corporate + Ecommerce Email Template – ThemeForest

10 April 2013 | 9:31 am What is this? Vision is a versatile HTML email template that is centered on two main themes: Corporate and Ecommerce. It's the perfect combination for . Features 270 email templ…

Online Ecommerce Store to Sell More Fully Featured Shopping Cart – #Webekya

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Beautiful and fully functional e-commerce website with possibility of adjustment

13 April 2013 | 11:25 am $3,842.00 (0 Bids)
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Install and Setup Ecommerce Website and cPanel

13 April 2013 | 2:40 am $99.99 (0 Bids)
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Original US Hardcover Edition NEW – E-Commerce 2012 by Kenneth Laudon (8 Ed)

13 April 2013 | 1:56 am $49.99 (0 Bids)
End Date: Wednesday Apr-17-2013 18:55:35 PDT
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    What If I Made A Ebay Screwup ? Ok, a while ago I sold a dvd on ebay. I forgot to mention it was a little scratched, and when I told the buyer they said they didn’t want it anymore. I couldn’t figure out how to give a refund on the Ebay site, so I just sent the money with paypal. Now I got a message about a case on the item, saying they hadn’t gotten it, and since I resold the item to someone else, I thought it was the second buyer and since I wasn’t paying attention to the buyer name and sent a refund to the first person. I sent a message to the first person about my mistake and asked if they could send it back, but if they’re dishonest and refuse, is there anything I can do to get the money back?
    It was a dvd set, actually, sold for 25 bucks, so I’d like to get it back.

    1. Reply

      You could contact PayPal or the Better Business Bureau. But the DVD couldn’t be worth that much, could it? Always be familiar with your ecommerce site when selling things.

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    Ecommerce Payment Gateways (other Than Paypal)? I have a website and use paypal, but I am tired of paying 2.9% of my gross business profits (+30 cents/transaction!) to them just for the luxury of taking credit cards. The problem is, most people recognize Paypal and feel safe with them, what other options can I use that is less expensive but won’t send potential customers running?

    • Hi
    • April 13, 2013

    Can This Person Have Copyrights From Making Youtube Username Same As My Buisness? Alright I naught my buisness domain at go daddy after someone else dumped it like 2 years ago meaning they didn’t renew the domain.The domain doesnt even seem to be in use or launched at any time to my surprise i cant find a trace.Be in mind this domain is a buisness for my local city it’s a magazine and the person who owned is actually in my city and had the same idea but seems they never executed this idea.All I have seen is they launched a youtube channel of course with the username being the same as my domain in 2007 and have not used the account for 5 years there is no copyright labeled anywhere or in its videos he did upload like 6 videos of concerts of a few bands and has not uploaded for 5 years since.The only thing I’m concerned about is I found a photobucket account in the results of google with of course username being my domain name also.And on his photobucket account he has a series of photos with written content professing the model of the buisness and what they are about and at the bottom it clearly says (c) copyright 2008 and the buisness name that is on about 3 photos in his photobucket which has not been active in 5 years aswell.Now I know he can’t copyright this buisness by just labeling some photos on photobucket in his account because i assume he doesnt really have rights or been active Commerce or ecommerce.So it’s pretty pointless.Sure he can copyright it a 2 yr child can copyright a buisness by putting it on a photo but i highly doubt it is legally meaningful.But I’m just being paranoid if I launch and this guy comes out of the woodwork and trys to legally make trouble by saying he has (c) on a few photobucket photos in his gallery and a youtube channel that hasn’t been used in 5 years.Can this guy have copyright rights?

    I’m going to launch this website this week and copyright it with the symbol (c) and down the line trademark it but no time soon for financial reasons.
    Wtf are you guys talking about most the answers are hogwash.Dude you can’t trademark a god damn name if someone else has copyrighted.Well you can but it varies like you can rob a bank but you may or may not succeed.I will trademark but I need the money and a buisness needs to fund that and this is my buisness and I just need to know if this dumbass has copyrights by simply making a lame youtube username.

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