Are Robot Vacuums Actually Getting Better?

Are Robot Vacuums Actually Getting Better?

There has been a lot of conspiracy theories around robots lately, especially during the last decade, where they’ve become smarter and more autonomous than ever before. Robots are now to a greater extent able to think for themselves, simply because of the ever evolving artificial intelligence, that more and more systems come equipped with. One great example of executing an artificial intelligence based on trial and error, is the ever evolving household robots. Robot vacuums are quickly becoming more and more popular, and they are becoming more and more intelligent as well.

With some of the newest models being able to map out an entire room and pick the fastest route when vacuuming the floor, they already seem to be light-years ahead of models that are just 10 years old, as they scrambled randomly around the floor, while somehow managing to clean some areas.

In this article we’ll highlight some of the most important changes between new robot vacuums and old robot vacuums.

2010: Scrambling Across the Floor in a Random Pattern

Back in 2010, intelligent robot vacuums haven’t really evolved into the smart pieces of tech they are today. They were equipped with a few sensors along their bumpers to stop and change direction if they bashed into something, which caused them to go in a very random pattern around your house.

Back then, it was pure luck if the vacuum made it across your entire floor, before running out of power from its very limited battery supply.

In most cases you could also forget everything about controlling it from a distance, since most models didn’t even come with a remote control. However, some of the premium models had a little display, acoustic sounds and a remote with a few buttons that basically worked like a radio controlled UFO on wheels.

2019: App Connected and Mapping Your Home

The robots have evolved rapidly along with their ever increasing popularity, and today most models of a certain standard are both connected to your home network and directly to your smartphone through an app. The app makes you able to control the vacuum and oversee the process from anywhere on the planet, as long as the robot vacuum is able to connect to your WiFi at home. It will then send you little messages saying “I’m done”, “bag needs to be emptied”, “help I’m stuck” and much more. This enables you to either assist the robot or be notified of what it’s doing, while you’re away.

Another great feature of modern robot vacuums is their ability to map an entire room. It actually learns how your room is laid out, by driving across the room and vacuuming, making it able to improve from time to time, be mapping a more efficient route as it goes. This means that new and modern robot vacuums don’t go in a random pattern anymore, but carefully lay out a master plan of the room beforehand, so it knows exactly where to go and when.

If you’re interested in reading more about the newest robot vacuums, you can see a list of robot vacuums on by clicking the link.

2030: Have They Taken over the World?

While many people are actually very afraid of robots in general, there’s no risk of robots taking over the world. Robots are designed to be used for certain purposes, meaning they are usually deployed in fields that require hard labor or very precise movement. A great example is the new extended robotic arms and robot-assistants, designed to perform ultra precise surgery, but also the robots that are assembling cars and other dangerous and tedious tasks, that were once done by humans.

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