What to Look For When Choosing a Skip

Skips are one of the most useful waste management tools. In fact, when you have a huge amount of garbage to be dumped, skips are the best option. By hiring a skip, you neither have to worry about stowing the huge garbage pile, nor do you have the tension to dump it off. But, hiring a skip is not as simple and straightforward as it may seem. There are some important considerations that you must know before contacting a skip hire company. Read on to know the important factors to consider before hiring a skip for dumping your loads of garbage.

The size of the skip – The first thing you need to decide is the size of the skip. Before hiring a skip you must know your purpose of hiring one. Suppose you are planning to landscape your lawn and you’ll only have green wastes to be dumped then you can get a skip meant for lightweight garbage. But, in case you are renovating your entire apartment, you’ll need to hire heavyweight garbage skip to dump your old and unused furniture. Skips are versatile and come in different shapes and sizes. So, you must know what size will work for you. Hiring one huge skip is less costly than hiring two relatively small ones. For service options, consider a Skip Hire from Link2London which can also help you determine the size of skip suited for your project.

The place for keeping the skip – Obviously, you are not going to keep the skip forever, but, you need a temporary place to keep the skip for the period you need it. If you have enough space in your lawn or yard, you’ll not need to bother about anything. But, if you don’t have enough personal space, you’ll need to look for a permit. You are allowed to use public highway or a verge, but, to do so, you need to take permit from the authorities. At some places, you are not required to take permits unless your skip does not affect the normal pedestrians. So, you must know the rules of your area. You can ask for help from the skip hiring company, to understand the rules and get the permit.

Delivery of the skip – Once you have decided about the size of the skip, you should talk to the skip provider company about the delivery procedures. If you are hiring a smaller skip, you do not need to be burdened with a huge truck charges. Good companies have different sizes of the vehicle to deliver different types of skips. Check whether the company you are contracting with, will be delivering the skip with your priorities in the forefront. If you are planning to start your cleaning, landscaping or renovating project on weekends, your work should not be delayed due to unavailability of the skip. So, be sure that your skip will be delivered promptly on your request without putting an extra financial load on you.

Pickup of the garbage – Pickup of the skip filled with your garbage is as important as the delivery of the empty skip. So, be sure to check the pickup rules and guidelines with the skip providing company, before hiring the skip. The company should be as prompt in picking up the garbage, as it would be in its delivery. After all, you cannot keep the heap of garbage on your doorstep or lawn forever. Not only the filled skip will make your property look dirty, but, also attract monetary penalties onto you. Be it a commercial are or a residential one, unattended skips are subject to a monetary penalty to the hirer. So, be sure to check the reputation of the skip provider in this regard to ensure you do not end up hiring a skip that lands you in legal charges.

Operational cost – As a consumer, the cost would be one of the most important criteria for you to hire a service. But, don’t make your decision just by looking at the quoted price of skip on the website or brochure of the company. Some companies quote an all-inclusive price for their service while the others have the tendency to keep some prices hidden. Even if the price seems affordable on the face, it might get too costly if the hidden costs are not calculated beforehand. Be sure to talk to the representative of the company and check for any hidden costs. Unless you are not given a final operational cost of the whole procedure of delivering skip and taking it off, you should not enter into the contract. Be sure to ask about any special cost they may be charging for giving you service on weekends or holidays.

The waste disposal policy of the company – Although this will not affect you directly, you should know about the disposal policy of the skip providing company, you are going to hire. Hiring a skip shows your concern towards waste management, but, don’t let your concern towards environment die at your doorstep only. Some instances have been reported where the skip hiring companies disposed of the garbage in environment unfriendly and illegal manners. These types of companies should be discouraged and you can play your part by hiring a company with good reputation in waste management. If the garbage is disposed of in an environmentally unfriendly manner it will eventually affect all of us. So, it’s our duty as humans to support the environment-friendly manners of waste management.

Keep these in mind and you’ll easily be able to choose the right service provider and the right skip for you. But, don’t only expect good behavior from the other side; you too need to follow some rules. Don’t overload the skip to save some bucks in hiring a larger skip. Dump only the allowed type of wastes in the skip. Be fair from your side when you expect others to do their business fairly.

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