5 Website Tips For Search Engine Optimization

In order to maximize the exposure your website receives, you have to get the most out of search engines. Search engines are the first way that your site will get noticed, but it has to have the right information to be indexed properly. Here are 5 steps to optimize your search engine exposure.

1. Use the right words in your HTML meta tag

An HTML tag is a line embedded in your HTML code that “explains” to search engines the purpose of your website. It’s a way of tagging your site for indexing, so that when a user searches for something that pertains to your site the results will more likely have your website. While HTML tags aren’t a guarantee that your site will be first, picking the right words for your HTML tags can help your site rise in rank. Use words like titles or specific aspects of your site, instead of general keywords or categories which are likely to have results in the millions.

2. Write a meta description tag for each page of your site

The title and meta description tag of each page of your site should explain the purpose of each individual page. Because users are looking for specific information, a concise, yet specific meta tag for each page will allow users to more conveniently find the information they are seeking. You should avoid including redundant information and keep the information as relevant as possible to the actual page information to improve the accuracy of search engines’ indexes.

3. Use keywords in the website’s URL

Many search engines include the URL of the website they retrieve in order to display the most information to users. People then decide which website is right for them based on both the title and the URL. A convenient way to give users keywords about your page is to include the keyword in the URL. With this information and the title, users will know the most possible about your site before they click.

4. Use URL shorteners for your 301 redirects

Using a URL shortener service like (bit.ly or goo.gl) will allow your website to be redirected more efficiently. If you’ve moved your site and are using a 301 redirect to tell Google or another search engine where to find your site, you can use a URL shortener to analyze more information about where your site is being accessed and how. You can see the location of where your site is being accessed as well as demographic information. This will allow you to know as much about your users as possible with one convenient change.

5. Use text links instead of image links

Overloading your page with image links can be harmful to your website’s SEO. While images may provide a plethora of information to any human, it doesn’t help search engine robots. Text can be analyzed more easily, so it’s a good idea to use text links instead of images.

There are a lot of useful tips to improve your website’s ranking on search engines, but these tips are a great place to start maximizing your website’s exposure. Try these tips and you will be getting more hits in no time.

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