A “Tech Startup Expo” Q&A Session

Today I’m covering the Tech Startup Expo, a one day event happening on October 1, 2015 in Rochester New York. I decided to have a brief chat with one of the organizers. Who are you (in relation to the event)? I’m Myneco. I founded and organized the expo. Brandon and I are the event chairs. […]

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Personal Development 101: The Benefits Of Having A Personal Coach

There used to be a time when the only people who had personal coaches were famous celebrities or those who were in dire need of counseling for different issues. But in the last few years, having a personal coach has become a much more common thing. Today, even ordinary people have personal coaches to assist […]

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Best Personal Development Tips To Achieve Your Life’s Goals

Personal development is important to achieve the goals of your life. All humans, at some stage in their lives, would feel that they need to improve some aspect of their lives. Even the most successful person on earth would have some area in his life that needs to be improved. Before improving anything in your […]

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A Mature Outlook On Aquiring A Loan

There may come a time in your life when you and your family are going to require a loan. It could be for the purchase of a new home, a new vehicle, or maybe to consolidate some of your credit card balances that you have outstanding. For some, obtaining a new loan is a daunting […]

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Keep Your Cholesterol Down

Cholesterol is a fat which is produced by the liver. Our bodies need it to function on a daily basis. There is an outer layer of cholesterol on all of your cells. However, too high of cholesterol levels can lead to many health complications. In many of the developed countries such as the U.S. and […]

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Being Kind To Yourself: A Short Guide

A lot of people don’t realize how important it is to be kind to yourself. They think it a silly, immature notion, but they don’t realize that being kind to yourself is one of the best things you can do in your life. Think about it, you are probably not that kind to yourself when […]

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Teeny Office is an all in one CRM (customer relationship management) system that has been built from the ground up. The CRM system has been designed specifically for use by travel agents and provides a full management system that covers everything from quoting to invoicing. The Teeny Office system is fully cloud based making it […]

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How To Find The Best Personal Development Coach

A personal development coach is a great asset to the person who really wants to work on their personal development skills. The personal development coach can help you to recognize aspects of yourself that you have never noticed before. The personal development coach can also help you to set goals and overcome obstacles using resources […]

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Personal Development Can Be Accomplished

When an individual decides to improve himself or herself in any area it is, many times, something that is a major event in their lives. If it is not, it should be because it amounts to a major shift in attitude and outlook over a period of time. If successful, a personal development program can […]

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What Is Your Personal Development Growth I.q.?

Have you done a personal growth checklist on your life lately? Many goals are never reached due to lack of self-assessments. It is frightening and overwhelming to sit down and have to face yourself. Yet, in order for personal development to happen, it is exactly what you must do. Get yourself a small notebook to […]

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