How To Organize Your Local Business Website So That It Has Mobile-friendly Information

Nowadays, we live in a mobile world. More and more web traffic is being pushed through , and therefore more and more your customers are your through their phones!

Whether you have a dedicated your or only one version for everyone, here are some ‘mobile best practices’ that you can use to make sure that all your mobile traffic is getting the best experience possible.

1 – Make sure that the layout is clean and simple, coded to be clear on the widest range possible. One the most difficult things about viewing complex s on is trying to get them to display correctly, or at least in a way that makes all the information contained in the site available for reading on the mobile device. By ensuring that your (or at least the your ) employs a clean design, free flash and overwhelming graphics, you ensure that the important part the – the information – is available to mobile users.

2 – Make sure that your phone number is prominently displayed, and has ‘click to call’ functionality. The main purpose many the mobile visits that your receives will simply be to find a way to get in touch with you. Many mobile users will have a specific question about your establishment that goes beyond the basic information, such as your location or hours, that can be found right there on the site. By making sure that your phone number is easy to find and can be dialed with just one click, you make it easy for mobile users to get their questions answered – which naturally leads to them coming into the establishment and spending money there!

3 – Think about what kind information someone searching for your business on a mobile device would want to know, and be sure that information is easy to find on your site. When people search on a mobile device, they are most ten looking for information that will assist them in coming into the establishment – ie, directions, parking information, phone number, and hours operation. By making sure they can get this information easily, you give yourself the best possible chance having them come into your establishment!

4 – fer special coupons or incentives to customers who find you on their phones. By making the customers who access your site with their feel special, and by affording them special deals and privileges, you instill in them a feeling that you value their business. This will keep them accessing your site as ten as possible, and coming in to your establishment as ten as possible, as well.

By implementing these four simple mobile marketing , you will ensure that you are able to build a large and loyal mobile customer following.

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