Your Goals In Web Design – Is The Key Looks Or Usability… Or Both?

Vsewebnet-1 If you are in the process drawing up plans for the design and development of your business website, or even for a personal website, you may be wondering whether or not the goal in regard to and development should be looks or usability. In many ways, this has been the great debate when it has come to website design and development: Looks versus design.

In reality, when it comes to the great debate of looks and usability when it comes to website design and development, both elements are of vital importance. If you want to create, design and development the most ideal website venue, you will want to keep both looks and usability in mind. Your final goal when it comes to website design and development has got to be both the looks of the website and the usability of the website.

Through the years, many peopSpider web designle have tried to make the argument that you cannot judge a book by its cover. In so many ways, this is the babbling of a person who is the author of a book with a poorly designed cover. In fact, the cover of a book is very important – and reputable publisher would tell you that this is the case. The same holds true for the look of a website. A person surfing the Net naturally will stop and pay closer attention to a website that looks nice, that is attractive and designed in a pleasing manner. Therefore, when it comes to your own website design and development goals and plans, you must keep the element of the looks of the website in mind.

Once you’ve got the attention of a prospective customer or client by designing and developing a nice looking website, you’ve got to keep them at the site. If you create a website that is difficult to utilize – that is not user friendly – the potential customer or client will bounce off somewhere else in no time at all. You will lose a client or customer because you website is not usable. Therefore, it is imperative that when it comes to your website design and development that you make very, very certain that the final product is completely user friendly.

By following the suggestions outlined for you in this article you will be well on your way to designing and developing a website that is not only attractive but also user friendly. You will end up creating a website for your business that ends up generating revenue and profits for you.

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