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Ban_pyra.gif (No to network marketing). I wanted to get involved in marketing because I had heard for a long time that it was a good way to get started making money at . I didn’t know much about it, so I had to hop online to do some research.

From what I learned, I realized that there are two ways to with marketing. One way is to sell the of the company you are working with. The other way to is to recruit people to do their own selling, and because they are your downline, you get a percentage of their business as well.

Both of those ways sounded like a solid way to , but I knew I had to pick the right company and . I saw enough terrible tales online to know that if I didn’t pick the right or company, I would be making things harder for myself. After all, if I had a hard time selling the , my downline would have a hard time selling the , which would mean very little money for aSVP Antoine Delerme & CEO Craig Jerabeck of 5LINX® Enterprises, Inc.ny of us. Not only that, but if I chose the wrong company, I would have to battle the reputation of the company when trying to recruit people in my downline.

I also made sure to check out the structure of the companies I looked into. I wanted to make sure that I would be fairly compensated, nad that I wuld be able to make a good amount of money through my downline.

Another thing that was important to me was that I had help. I was just getting into marketing, and I knew I would need help. I wanted to make sure there was a procedure in place to help me navigate the business. That would of course help the people I was recruiting, so I was really serious about making sure that whatever company I joined would be able to offer me solid training.

When I finally settled on a company, I took some time to find the right person to sign up under. This was a challenge, because a lot of people in marketing use the same company websites and it’s tough to know who will help people in their downline. I finally went to Youtube, where it’s possible to see “in person”, and that helped me a lot.

I narrowed down my choices, and then I called a few people on the phone. After I was satisfied that I would get the help I needed, I signed up under a great guy who has been a lot of help to me.

I know a lot of people don’t go through that kind of process when signing up for marketing, but perhaps they should! I have been doing great and my downline is doing pretty well too. I am so happy with the I’ve chosen and I’m so glad I’m able to do this kind of work.

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