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Ban_pyra.gif (No to network marketing). “Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer The slings and arrows outrageous fortune Or to take arms against a sea troubles, And by opposing end them.”

– William Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act III, Scene i (58-90)

Hamlet may not have been talking about network marketing, but his words do apply. Almost every has experienced the “slings and arrows” the naysayers, those ten well-meaning friends and relatives that stand in the way our making an “outrageous fortune!” Experienced s, clothed in the armor past success, are less vulnerable to outside influences. The new distributor, however, is vulnerable, and that “sea troubles” can act as a barrier to reaching their true potential.

What did the knights old do to prevent an injury? That’s right – they armed themselves. Their armor was heavy and cumbersome, and they needed a squire to help them prepare for battle. Well, the same is true for your new distributors. While the armor they must use is less cumbersome than that the knights, you must help them arm themselves for success. In other words, you must be their squire.

What do I mean by “arming for success?”

When a new distributor joins your network marketing organization, they are moving into an environment that demands strong armor. There are a lot “slings and arrows” that can hurt their chaSVP Antoine Delerme & CEO Craig Jerabeck of 5LINX® Enterprises, Inc.nces for success and create a sea troubles — doubt, disbelief, even failure.

As Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert T. Kiyosaki points out, most people in this world are afraid to experience success. They are held back by negative thinking, and consequently suffer the pain mediocrity. Because they have not been armed for success, and are more focused on security and survival, they subject themselves to a life servitude and poverty and being someone else’s employee.

Arm your new distributors from negative thinking and potential disaster. How? By understanding why so many people are negative about network marketing and the prospects the success it can bring.

Let’s face it. There are a lot people out there that do not want you to become successful. When you are successful, you point out the lack success in their lives. When you take away any excuses they’ve been hanging onto and you force them to look at their lives as they really are, it makes them very uncomfortable. You’ve heard the expression “Misery loves company.” Well, it’s true.

Doug Firebaugh, network marketing guru, calls it the “Unspoken Understanding,” which is simply the silent agreement that most people have with each other, namely “don’t mention my mediocre life, and I won’t mention yours.” Your success and the success your new distributors, just points out the naysayers’ mediocrity.

Leaders help others. If you are going to be successful in network marketing, you must arm your new distributors against people who will try to convince them their business won’t work. Show your you want them to be successful. Encourage them. Show them how the most successful s have achieved their success, and teach them to model those attitudes, habits, and actions. Remind your distributors that they are the CEO their lives. Arm them with the power so they don’t let others live their lives for them with their negative attitudes.

To paraphrase Hamlet, by opposing negative thoughts, we end them.

Bruce Bailey, Ph.D.

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