Keyword Research: The Most Important Step In Seo

English: CSite. Search Engine Optimization Company Español: CSite, SA de CV. Empresa de Posicionamiento Web As you prepare to create a new website, or when you realize that you aren’t promoting your website effectively, the time comes for you to include optimization in your strategy. This starts with research, the most important of which involves which keywords you will use. This article will teach you about this process and how to do it right.

is a process where you figure out which keywords are the most lucrative for your website. It typically begins by creating a list of words which apply to the front page of your website. For example, a site like might have a list which includes “”, “search for websites”, “find websites”, etc. You start with your front page as each page will have its own unique list of keywords which apply to the content. has Maps, Gmail, Image Search and more, and it is obvious that the keywords would change dramatically between each. Once you have your brainstormed list, you movEnglish: Webmaster and website plus graphics, search engine optimization, advertizng and e-marketing in east africae on to step two.

Now you take that list and use a free tool, such as Word Tracker or , to determine how many people actually search those terms. If you were selling , for example, your list might include “”, “.5mm ”, and “pink ”. When you pop those into the research tool, you will see that many for “” while the other two more detailed get less activity. This is actually good as most sites will waste their time focusing on broad terms, such as “”, which you can grab all of the ing for “pink ” by being the first site in the results. Look for terms which aren’t the most popular as they will be less competitive and the people who search for something so detailed are very likely to be ready to buy immediately.

Don’t stop using these tools once you have an initial list at the ready. It is important that you monitor them in case they end up changing in popularity. This is especially important for “trendy” terms or terms which relate to current events. For example, “iPhone 4 Pink Case” might be great when the iPhone 4 is the latest device, but once the iPhone 5 comes out, the situation may change. That said, you may have skipped that phrase when the 4 was the latest model as it was too heavily used by your competition, but as the new device appears, they may concentrate on it instead, making the older keywords more lucrative.

Only when you do correctly will it provide you with the best results. If you guess at the right phrases to use, or you do your research half-heartedly, you will not end up reaching your goals. This article has shown you the way, so follow the path it set by using the knowledge to better your optimization techniques.

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English: CSite. Optimization Company Espa ƒ ±ol: CSite, SA de CV. Empresa de Posicionamiento Web (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Webmaster and website plus graphics, optimization, advertizng and e-marketing in east africa (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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