How To Start Your Own Home Business Buying & Selling On Ebay

English: Golf clubs A while back I had a brother who went to a second hand store to look for golf clubs. He wanted to start playing golf but thought he would start with used clubs instead of forking over big bucks for a new set of Pings. After about six months he decided that golf just wasn’t for him. He hunt his golf clubs on a hook in his garage and that’s where they stayed for another six months.

One day I was over visiting him and noticed the clubs. “Why don’t you sell them on ?” I asked him. He thought it would be a waste of time because they were used and he had only paid $75 for the whole set — including the bag. I asked if he would mind if I tried. I promised to split the profit with him. He told me he would be happy to just get his $75 back.

I got out my digital camera and took a photo of each of the clubs individually and put them on ebay. In about ten days time I sold seven of the clubs and collected just over $800! My brother couldn’t believe it. He was so excited that he started going eveWood, putter and iron are shown.ry he could think of that sold used golf clubs. As a result he has started quite a lucrative little business on the side.

With just a little bit of effort and the courage to try, anyone can make a nice income selling products on ebay. It’s not difficult to do if you don’t let yourself be intimidated. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

If you don’t own a digital camera, buy one. It doesn’t have to be top of the line as long as you are able to take good close up photos of the items you are selling. If the photos aren’t clear people won’t be as inclined to buy. You can find a decent camera for around $100.

Schedule some time for your business. Decide how much time you have to devote each week, and then use it all. If you want to in any home business you must approach it as a business and not a hobby. That means dedicating a designated amount of time to your business every week.

Take a look around your house and look for things to put on ebay that will sell quickly. It is amazing what people will buy. I once sold a framed picture that was buried in our basement for years — it sold in four days for over $100.

Once you have identified several items, write out a list and include how much you would like to make on each item. Then, set them in a good place to photograph. Usually natural outside lighting is best. Take several shots of each item from different angles. If there is a label, take a close up of it.

Okay. You are on your way. Use the money you make from your first sales to buy more products from second hand stores or pawn shops. Before you know it you will have a successful home business selling items on ebay!

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Wood, putter and iron are shown. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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