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It’s been said often, “It is not what you know, but who you know that matters.” Well, in some instances that might be true, however, in some industries it is both what and who you know. Today’s world is very social and has become very important to obtain jobs, get housing, acceptance into schools and clubs. With the use online networking sites and social media that networking has become even more important.

One industry that has always had its base in networking is the network market industry. Its premise is making contacts and making sales. Network is known by other names such as direct sales, multi-level marketing and referral marketing. They all mean similar things in that one person is enrolling another person into a business in which they will profit not only on the enrollment, but also on those who are enrolled into the program on down the line.

It can be a very good system of business, if the structure of the payment plan is sound and actually works for the member. There are companies who will take advantage of the member and will not pay out well, or will have things rigged in a way that will not profit the member at all. Some of these are illegal and you need to watch out for them. It may be a good idea to research any network marketing company you are interested in pursuing.

One thing to look for is how long the company has been in business. If a network marketing company has reached its fifth year in business that is a good sign. Also, if the company is growing in membership, that is a good indicator that it is going to continue to grow for a while. If the company is stagnant in sales, has a huge market of competition or not a good pay out system, you may want to proceed with caution.

There are many different types of pay out systems in network marketing. It is worth the time spent to research the company’s plan and see how it will benefit you immediately and also down the road. Many may pay out well at first, but as you go farther with a down line may not pay out as well. Others may have the reverse of this, paying out larger amounts or percentages the longer you are with the company, or the more you enroll into the program.

Whatever company you would choose to participate in building for yourself, it is best to attach yourself with a business that you feel somewhat passionate about. It is very difficult to get up each morning and grow a business in something that you know nothing about, or have very little interest in personally. If you are passionate about the product or service, have had personal results from something related to the company, or understand how this product could positively affect someone’s life, you will have a better chance at building a very successful network marketing business.


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