The Mobile Marketing Explosion

English: A pile of mobile devices including smart phones, tablets, laptops and ebok readers. Modern marketing has added a new phase called mobile marketing. The number of people that currently have mobile phones includes just about everyone. The percentage of people who have smart phones is very high. Smart phones are capable of accessing the Internet, reading email, texting, providing GPS capabilities and more.

Since most people have their smart phones with them most of the time, this opens up a market that has the potential of creating more sales, more quickly, than any other market in history. Many people use their smart phones for all means of . They don’t have a landline for their phones at home. Many don’t have a desktop or laptop computer, because they use their phone for that function for Internet access and email.

People use their smart phones to find things. If an is out shopping they no longer use the Yellow Pages to “let their fingers do the walking”. Now they simply look up Dining and checking the smart phones at a sidewalk table, Green Goddess, New Orleans.the product or that they are ing for on their smart phone, and it tells them the location with a phone number and a map to the location.

If you are looking for collars, for example and you are having lunch at a local sandwich shop, you enter something like, “ collars Oak Park” into a engine from your phone. The engine will return all the stores that are nearby. Now it is a simple matter to call them or follow the map giving directions.

In all engine results now, Google places will list a few optimized es that have taken the time to go the extra step. Obviously a that shows up first or in the top 5 or so of the listed are more likely to get more phone calls. This is very targeted traffic because interested buyers were just attracted to a place where they just found you, if you were listed.

Texting has been used by marketers with limited success. Think of it this way, if you are involved with something on your smart phone and an add pops up while you are in the middle of something important, it is a nuisance, and not very welcome. People don’t like to be interrupted while they are in the middle of something important.

The best way to market to the mobile market is to market to need. If you are a locksmith, you will want to be getting calls from stranded motorists who have locked themselves out of their car. If you are a towing company, you want to be getting calls from motorists who have broken down and just for help on their smart phone. That is targeted marketing. The need is now, and the customer is buying now.

The potential of the mobile market is huge and this market is still in its infancy. es who take advantage of this burgeoning opportunity will be able to capitalize on this opening and leave their comition in their dust.

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English: A pile of including smart phones, tablets, laptops and ebok readers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Dining and checking the smart phones at a sidewalk table, Green Goddess, New Orleans. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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