Getting Your Online Home Business Off The Ground

Search-Engine-Marketing Starting a home business is actually very easy, the problem comes when trying to make a success of it, and this is where most people will fail. Take for instance the fact that you come up with a great idea to sell something online, and you launch a new web site after having put a lot of work into it. Yet one month later you have not had a single order. So what is going wrong?

A lot of people seem to think that just putting a web site online is enough, and then you just sit back and wait for the sales to come flooding in. If only it was that easy. When you have a bricks and mortar shop, people will walk past and see it, and some of those will come in. On the internet though, no one is going to be walking past, you have to get to traffic to your site by working on it.

Organic traffic is when you appear in search engine results, and the target is for you to get on the first page ofSearch Engine Land Logo #1 results. This is not easy these days with billions of sites, and so rather than waiting for the search engines to rank you well, if they ever do, you need to do some work to get people to your site yourself.

One of the best methods has always been to use a link in your signature on a forum, but you need to use a forum that have a decent amount of traffic. Remember that you are not going to spam the forums as you will soon be banned, you participate in the forum as a normal user. The more posts you make, then the more likely it is your signature will be seen. Some forums may not allow a signature until you have been promoted or made X number of posts. If that is the case then hire someone on Fiverr to post for you.

Another method that seems to have fallen out of favor is using article directories. Write a 400-500 word article about your business or one of the you sell, and then include a link to your site. Only submit articles to the top 5 directories, the others are a waste of time. You need to submit a few articles a month, and over time you will get hits from them. If you can’t write your own articles then as with the forum posting, use Fiverr for someone to write one, or find an article writing service but never pay more than $5.

These techniques for bringing people to your site also have the added benefit of improving your overall rankings in the search engines. Do not expect an instant increase in rankings though, as it can take up to 3 months before you start to see results. The best method for getting instant traffic is the forum signature, as that is viewed by others the minute you post it.


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