Network Marketing Failure

MLM Mastermind Event #6 I was told to write a positive article but I’m refusing to. I’m refusing to write a positive article because there are too many positive articles on the internet. I would rather write about how you are likely to fail and how only a small percentage of people actually make any more. I also would like to write about how you simply don’t have the skills to use traditional network marketing methods. As I see it, you have bought a bill of goods and no one wants to buy it. I would also like to say that I have a few tips to share that will turn around your network marketing career but most of you will just read this article and not use the information in it.

In some ways, I am tired of how people use information. They read about a subject but they never put what they read into use. I am going to give you many examples about how to make money through network marketing and I know that only 1% or less of the people who read this article will take it to heart and MLM Mastermind Event #7take immediate action. It gets discouraging to offer up jewels that no one is willing to use.

One thing that is true about network marketing is that it is hard to do. Most of you do not have sales skills. You’ve never been successful at door 2 door sales or direct sales. How do they expect a bunch of novices to be successful at network marketing? The answer is they do not! They just want new agents and distributors to replace the spot of all the ones who have failed before them. How does this make you feel? Did you just hear some speech about how you can do it? Truth is you probably can’t do it.

I can teach you about how to make money in network marketing but I can’t teach you how to be a millionaire. If you want to be a millionaire go start your own business. If you want to make some extra money through network marketing, that I can teach you how to do.

One of the first things you must do is ignore all that old fashion pitch your and family garbage. Forget pitching anyone. Do all your marketing on the internet where you won’t annoy anyone or have to deal with a ton of rejection.

Use , youtube and article marketing to find customers. If you are smart you will find ways to automate all your . You can go to freelance sites and pay someone $3 to write you articles about your network marketing products and . You can use other software to post that one article all over the internet where some other business aspirant will find it. There are tons of people who want to get into a business, you just have to create a larger enough presence for them to find you online.

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