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Facebook's Secret Message to Me Have you been making a living as an for some time now? If so you have no doubt learned that it is important to keep up with trends and new technology. There are always new things popping up on the Internet. One the newest trends over the past few years have been social sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest. Have you considered using social media in your endeavors? If not, you are missing out on a valuable source traffic.

What is it that makes social marketing so valuable? Just as the name implies, it is the social ect. Facebook is popular because it is interactive. When you post something on your Facebook page, it instantly shows up on the pages your friends. Your friends may then pass it on to their other friends. In time, your post may end up being on hundreds, or even thousands, Facebook pages! That is what is called the viral effect.

Have you noticed that the things passed around the most (thus having a greater viral life) are usually fun and entertaining things? Generfacebook logoally it is a funny video or photo that is shared and passed around the most. Have you ever had someone send you an email with a video attached that you ened? Did you then send it on to many more your friends or family members? Before you knew it that video may have been seen by millions people!

You can use the power social sites to enhance your efforts. Social s, however, should never be spammed and your comments or posts should never be unwelcome.

Let’s say you have a site about dog training. You could design a banner that says you are the best dog trainer in the world and try to slam it on every social site there is. But it wouldn’t get you very far, would it? But what if you posted a funny video a dog doing a stupid trick that his master taught? Do you think that would get passed around? If it was cute, quirky and funny, it WILL be passed around — and a brief link at the end the video can get you a lot traffic — and no one will be fended in the process.

Pinterest is a site that has recently taken social media by storm. If you are not familiar with Pinterest, get interested real quick. There you can pin photos to bulletin boards that people browse by the millions! It is a great way to attach a link to a funny photo and get people to pass it around.

If you make a living through and you are not using social media to promote your sites, you are missing out on a good thing. Just remember to be a good social media citizen and don’t abuse the system. If you play by the rules you can keep everyone happy and still drive traffic to your site.

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