Downsides Of A Home Business

Day 2: Now THIS is what I call telecommuting... Everybody can figure out the advantages working from . From the time saved with commuting, to the money saved because not needing business outfits anymore, we can all see why working from is good. However, we tend to forget the negative side the matter, which is the topic today’s article.

Many times, working from brings solitude. If your business is something you do on your own, with no team involved, you may end up longing for a community. It’s always fun to share ideas and brainstorm solutions in a group rather than doing it solo. You can involve your family and friends, but since they don’t know the specific details your issues, they won’t be able to help you much. Besides, they might just want to do other things with you, not talking about your business.

When you run a based business, you tend to neglect the way you look. Why dress up if there’s nobody else to see you? Why shower, when there’s nobody else but you to notice that? This danger is bigger thThe Dollars & Sense of Workshifting (Telecommuting) Infographican you’d think, but with a bit attention to such details you can overcome it. Just don’t let yourself go with the flow laziness, have strong principles and stick to them, even when nobody else is watching.

When you work from , all your friends and family will think that you are always available for them, since you don’t have to go to a regular fice every day. They will tend to ask you to do heaps little chores and they might get upset if you refuse. This is something you need to make clear from the very beginning. You loved ones need to understand that working from means that your and fice just happen to be in the same place. Ask them to respect your work schedule and not bother you with all sorts requests during your work hours. Be assertive and you’ll have the things your way without having to break up with anybody.

Procrastination is another big danger working from . It is so easy to get distracted when you have a pile dishes in the sink waiting to be cleaned, or when you suddenly notice your flowers look a bit sad and might need watering. You may say a few ten minute breaks can’t slow you down too much. You are wrong. You’ll tend to take way more breaks than you should, so you’ll end up by midnight wondering why you had to work that much. If you have the curiosity to write down your actual work time, you’ll notice how much time is wasted because you lose focus so ten. Try to have working time chunks at least 30 minutes, followed by 10 minute breaks. If you can, make the work intervals one hour long. You’ll notice a boost productivity from the very first day.

Can you think other downsides a business?

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