Can You Still Make A Healthy Living With Internet Marketing?

Kim Dotcom, painted portrait by Cart'1 @ Abode of Chaos DDC_7614 has been the rage for several years, indeed since the very birth of the s started to look for ways to make a living online. But is it really all it promises to be? Can one really make a living online or is it merely hype created by those select few that are so lucky that they are earning by selling this same hype to naive s? You will find out in this article.

, also known as online or e-marketing, is such a broad subject that it is hard to cover all the basics in one article. It is true though that there are people that are making a generous amount of with this way of working. It is estimated that people spend billions online every single year. And not of all that goes to fortune 500 companies like Amazon and the like.

That being said, it is quite a bit harder than most would like to admit. The internet, filled with limitless opportunities also has multiple disadvantages. Let’s take affiliate marketing for example, one of the most popularKim Dotcom, painted portrait by Cart'1 @ Abode of Chaos DDC_7607 and well-known ways to make online; selling other people’s (digital) s. In most niches, otherwise known as subjects or topics, there is so much competition that it is hard for anyone to sell even one .

There are however, also other ways to make online, one of which is by applying to online jobs. Most of these jobs are available on freelance sites, where employers choose the right candidate for the job they posted. Is it easy to get a job like that, working from home? It surely can be done. Even though there is a lot of competition as well, it is substantially less than trying to sell a in the weight loss niche.

But can s actually be seen as ? After all, you are not really trying to sell anything. Is that so? In fact, you are trying to market yourself, or at least your set of skills. So basically speaking, this is part of too, though not as popular as affiliate marketing or e-mail marketing.

E-mail marketing is another way of making online. What you do is build a list of people that subscribe to this e-mail list and continuously market to them. This is actually seen as one of the most effective marketing techniques, since you can reach a large audience that has already expressed an interest into your topic, all at once. The amount of that can be made is huge. And the competition is a lot less than in affiliate marketing. Building your list can be one by on major traffic holders, like Google or Facebook.

So you see that it is quite possible to make a living with . The main problem is the time spend to make it work. Therefore, it can only be advised to look for a regular job if you are in dire need of cash.


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Kim Dotcom, painted portrait by Cart’1 @ Abode of Chaos DDC_7614 (Photo credit: Abode of Chaos)
Kim Dotcom, painted portrait by Cart’1 @ Abode of Chaos DDC_7607 (Photo credit: Abode of Chaos)

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