Moon Landing Was Faked? Why have people been talking about …

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Moon Landing Was Faked? Why have people been talking about this for so long? Can’t somebody check if the flag and everything else is still there?

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Can This Person Have Copyrights From Making Youtube Username Same As My Buisness? Alright I naught my buisness domain at go daddy after someone else dumped it like 2 years ago meaning they didn’t renew the domain.The domain doesnt even seem to be in use or launched at any time to my surprise i cant find a trace.Be in mind this domain is a buisness for my local city it’s a magazine and the person who owned is actually in my city and had the same idea but seems they never executed this idea.All I have seen is they launched a youtube channel of course with the username being the same as my domain in 2007 and have not used the account for 5 years there is no copyright labeled anywhere or in its videos he did upload like 6 videos of concerts of a few bands and has not uploaded for 5 years since.The only thing I’m concerned about is I found a photobucket account in the results of google with of course username being my domain name also.And on his photobucket account he has a series of photos with written content professing the model of the buisness and what they are about and at the bottom it clearly says (c) copyright 2008 and the buisness name that is on about 3 photos in his photobucket which has not been active in 5 years aswell.Now I know he can’t copyright this buisness by just labeling some photos on photobucket in his account because i assume he doesnt really have rights or been active Commerce or .So it’s pretty pointless.Sure he can copyright it a 2 yr child can copyright a buisness by putting it on a photo but i highly doubt it is legally meaningful.But I’m just being paranoid if I launch and this guy comes out of the woodwork and trys to legally make trouble by saying he has (c) on a few photobucket photos in his gallery and a youtube channel that hasn’t been used in 5 years.Can this guy have copyright rights?

I’m going to launch this website this week and copyright it with the symbol (c) and down the line trademark it but no time soon for financial reasons.
Wtf are you guys talking about most the answers are hogwash.Dude you can’t trademark a god damn name if someone else has copyrighted.Well you can but it varies like you can rob a bank but you may or may not succeed.I will trademark but I need the money and a buisness needs to fund that and this is my buisness and I just need to know if this dumbass has copyrights by simply making a lame youtube username.

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