Need Help With 2-router Home Networking? I am trying to …

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Need Help With 2-router Home Networking? I am trying to set up a two-router home network. The first Wi-Fi router is a TP-Link TL-WR841N which is installed permanently to the cable modem on the ground floor. I want to add a second Wi-Fi router (Tenda W268R) to the first floor.

Originally, I had the Tenda Wi-Fi router installed with the cable modem downstairs. My room is upstairs and Wi-Fi reception in my laptop was good and I didn’t need upgrading until recently, when I got my . Wi-Fi signal dropped frequently in phone and lost the connection completely when I walked to the farther corner of the house, whereas laptop had no problems connecting to Wi-Fi in all parts of the house. I then upgraded from Tenda to TP-Link with dual antenna in hopes of getting a better Wi-Fi reception. The signal level has gone from “Good” to “Excellent” in laptop, whereas, the phone showed little signs of betterment. It is now a lot better than before and I don’t get a total signal loss in phone now. But it still drops a lot and I have to keep the phone at a specific angle facing towards the router to regain the Wi-Fi signal bar.

The old Tenda router is lying in a drawer and I was planning to use it as a Wi-Fi repeater for the upper floor. I have bought a 12 meter (39 feet) Cate cable to wire the two routers, ran the cable from the ground floor to first floor, installed the Tenda router where I want it to be, and now want to ask how to wire them physically and how to set up their software (IP address, default gateway, DHCP settings etc.)

I am planning to use Wi-Fi Channel 1 for TP-link, and Channel 11 for Tenda to avoid interference. Also, I have d their DHCP clients list to use the range through with TP-Link, and through with Tenda. The IP address of TP-Link router is, and IP Address of TP-Link is

Am I doing this right? What else will I need to tweak with to make it work like a SINGLE home network? Because I have my printer connected to the computer downstairs.

I am not a networking expert, I’ve only learnt with experience and reading articles. Can someone guide me with the software part of networking?

Thank you for reading this long story.. 🙂

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