What Weapons And Cars Were Used In The Mafia (1920s-1930s)? …

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What Weapons And Cars Were Used In The Mafia (1920s-1930s)? I just wanted to know what weapons and cars were used in the mafia from the 20’s and 30’s. I know that the Thompson was a weapon, but what else did they use, and drive? I just want of the weapons and the cars, and the year it was built.

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Anybody Know Any Safe And Free Youtube View / Subscriber Bots? I have researched, and I have found this one bot called ‘vandallism youtube bot’.
Anybody know if it is safe or if they know any other free youtube bots that don’t install virus’s on your computer?

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How Are European Countries “Socialist”? Hi there. Today, my friend and I kind of had an argument about politics. He claimed that European countries, such as France, Norway, Sweden, and the Netherlands were “socialist”, claiming that they were supportive of the redistribution of wealth.

However, I always thought that most European countries were NOT socialist, but rather simply liberal capitalist. And if France is socialist, how so? From what I know, there are many corporations and businesses in France (ex. AXA), along with Sweden and other countries. Corporations, and businesses signify a market economy, don’t they?

I looked up the answer on the internet, and I was shocked at the amount of articles claiming that “socialism” wasn’t working in Europe. However, after reading the articles, it clearly stated that the countries have somewhat market economies – its just a little more liberal than the US, it seems. So – this leaves me really confused.

To be honest with you – the only “Socialist” thing I can think about France is universal healthcare.

Can someone please enlighten me on this topic? Any answers will be taken, but links especially will be appreciated. Adios, peeps.

Positive And Negative Case For The Market
Can Someone Proof Read And Grade My Essay (Its Short)? The Lasting Vendetta

What on earth would ordinary people want with computers? Steve Jobs was there to answer that question. He was a man with big dreams, offering the people what they didn’t even know they needed! People failed to realize the power of a computer and Steve took advantage of that. He and Steve Wozniak acted as a powerhouse as they swarmed the computing market. The idea of a computer was foreign to the average person, so Steve Jobs used his speech as a weapon to persuade entrepreneurs to invest in Apple. Engineering was not his strong suit, so he stuck to the marketing side of things. This partnership between Wozniak and Jobs was like an army of queens against a king. As the Apple company grew, so did the fire in Bill Gates as he tried to get his hands on Apple’s software.

Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Bill Gates, a multi-billionaire today, was a genius who even conned the best of the best, Steve Jobs. Bill Gates was extremely smart in both aspects of the computer market, marketing his product and being able to build it. This goes to show that Bill Gates is the true definition of a Business Master. He becomes great friends with Steve Jobs after joining Apple. He decides to take a five finger discount on Steve’s newest product “Lisa” and makes his way in the production of Microsoft. Doing this would allow him to further his development in software production such as Windows and many other programs. This threw Bill Gates into the race to conquer the Business market and claim his seat at the top.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs both started out as mediocre entrepreneurs but turned themselves into multi-billionaires. They were the ones who truly understood what the market wanted and could see that before anyone else, making them the perfect ones to run their companies. There were probably only a few minds in the world like theirs. For the debate of who the “better” entrepreneur is, it looks like a tied ball game. Steve Jobs died before he could take his spot at #1, and Bill Gates to this day donates most of his earnings to charity.

P.S Im in 10th grade 🙂

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Website Not Recording User Login Info (GoDaddy)? I am hosting a website with Godaddy and the php script i have to record the login info does not work!
When I test the files on another FREE hosting site it works so I know it is not my code at fault.
Also, the same files did work on my godaddy account at one point but miraculously stopped working.
Basically when someone enters the data it redirects to the php file which then opens up a file named logins.txt then it enters the info then it redirects to the next page. Anyone who has experience please help. If alternatively I could just use my godaddy domain on a free hosting site lemme know as well.

Thanks in advance!

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What Is Appropriate To Ask While Interviewing A Vietnam Veteran? I am doing a project for my American Literature class that involves me making an audio podcast and interviewing a Vietnam veteran. This veteran is a family friend of ours and is seemingly very open about his service. He doesn’t seem to carry any emotional trauma (obviously he may have some but he comes off as a very extroverted and kind-hearted man). In the interview I want to ask him questions regarding his service, emotions of being thrown into the war, and other questions regarding the psychological toll of war. I know this is a very touchy area and was wondering what potential appropriate questions would be.

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