How Do U Start Blogging? I’ve been interested in blogging …

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How Do U Start Blogging? I’ve been interested in blogging for a while now but I’m not familiar with the start up process. I want to blog for profit and I was wondering how to do this. Do u have to pay to blog? and also can someone give small tips on how to be a successful blogger. Thanks for the answers in advance.

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I Feel Everything’s Wrong With My Life, Losing Reasons To Live? Please bear with me and apologies in advance if there’s no cohesive flow of my story.

I’m a 23 year old guy. I have always been a loner in my life. I like doing things on my own: exercise, shop, eat and even watching movies all on my own. Needless to say i’m never the popular type of guy, Im the quiet guy, who blends in the background in social settings. Being 23 (and asian), the reality hits me hard. Theres a real pressure for us living in asia, especially guys, to succeed financially. Let me start with the first thing that went wrong in my life: I majored in life sciences, Cell biology and genetics to be exact. It didnt hit the naive me several years back then that while this major is somewhat useful in western countries, it is totally useless in most developing countries in asia, with extremely limited employment options and really low pay. As a result, I can only look in envy all of my high school friends, mostly who majored in finance, is getting a good paying job and having an extensive network of potential business partners. Whereas me, I landed on a job in a bank (as client relation officer) which I really really hate to the guts. I dont get the way people in marketing thinks, I think they lack the most basics of logic and I just hate a job where making small talks is part of its job description, I just have no idea how to do small talks. Being raised in a very conservative, overprotective family, has shaped me to an introverted individual who is having trouble expressing myself freely. I can’t remember the last time I joke with my parents/brother. I’m always the quiet guy, even when I’m with family. As a result, I’m having trouble making new friends, I just know how to politely introduce myself and while others will go chit chatting with ease, my mind just go completely blank. How I wish I can be that charming, charismatic guy who is able to hold conversation with anyone. I’m not surprised why I got so few friends and nobody invite me to events because I myself think i’m a boring guy. Oh and I love to go to nightclubs and party with a few other friends, but due to my low paying job, I just cant afford to go party every week and therefore again, financial restrictions, put a limit on my circle of friends. Needless to say I’m no good whatsoever with girls. I’ve dated once for 6 months. she left me because she claimed I wasn’t giving her enough attention. I am starting to accept the possibility that I might be a real forever alone. I cried so many times because of this and the crazy thing is i’m starting to love it when I cry and emotionally hurting, I kinda feel like I deserve it and I don’t deserve to have a girl to love me ever. I hate seeing couples when I go to public places because it just hurts me deep within, it reminds me that I will never enjoy that kind of ever. I mean what kind of girl would want to be with a guy who not only dont know how to socialize with people, dont know how to hold conversation, doesnt have any confidence and is also physically unattractive. Oh yes and there’s the unattractive part. I despise my look. No girl has ever complimented me on my looks. I know i’m ugly. I tried to exercise regularly and I do have a somewhat nice body (its a work in progress) but I hate my facial features. I got that ugly flat asian nose (which is every guy’s nightmare) and very oily skin (and therefore bad cystic acne). Tried everthing on the acne, hours of research, OTC medications, hours in dermatologist and even laser treatments but nothing can change genetics at the moment. I still have the oily skin and cystic acne at this age where almost everyone of my friends have cleared up from their last acne ages ago. So yeah, excuse my incoherent rant, but I just feel like my life is literally a series of unfortunate events that has lead me to become this apathetic, emotionally indifferent, bitter, constantly depressed and sad guy who just has no sense of direction where to go next. How I wish I can be a guy who is charming and has lots of friends. I wont mind having a girl that would just me the way I am, and share things with me. Im very concerned with my mental health. I’m starting to research whether i’m having conditions such as social anxiety disorder or other mental conditions. I hope this somewhat makes sense. I’m really lost, I think everything’s a mess and I really don’t know what to do.

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Linux Terminal Help!!? Any help would be nice thanks

1. The command to list only files named section1, section3, ref1 and ref3 (remember, shortest possible single command):
[ ]

2. Write the shortest possible command to sort a file named “list” saving the results in a file named “sorted-list” (this time, do not use sort as a filter, use it as the first and only command):
[ ]

3. Write the shortest possible command to create a file named “book” by combining the files named “ch1” and “ch2” and “ch3” and “ch4” and “ch5” (only). Hint: Use a proper “character class” (i.e., the “[ ]” syntax) in the command-line:
[ ]

Podcast: Dena Bank (English) By Divya Pushkarna
Getting High As NBA Player At This Age? So , basically , I am 16 . I don’t have much of an athletic body . My dad is a basketball coach . All my life I made up ambitions and i gave up as soon as everything failed . I played basketball since I was 8 for 6 months then I quit . I feel like i can’t live like this anymore . It’s my life , I want it so badly as I want to breathe at the moment. I’ve been working out for 3 months and I am at my dad’s basketball GYM 2 times a week and I go to play basketball every weekend . In the last month I improved myself alot. I want to play for my High School and go further . My question is : Is it too late to dream for NBA? I am well motivated and I will breathe basketball only , my dad will help me as much as he can . This is the last thing I will ever give up and if I do it so , my life ain’t gonna worth a shit anymore . All I know is that I am powerful beyond measure.

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