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Comment on Damian Borichevsky, Former Sailthru And PulsePoint Executive, Joins OneSpot As VP Of Client Services by Mike.

How To Market A Web Application For Entrepreneurs And Small Businesses? I have created a web based application that has a calendar, appointment page, clients page, services and products page, email sending page, notes, users, promotions page and so on… it has really become a huge software. My gf who is a wedding photographer and an entrepreneur is using it and has more than 100 clients in it, so the software has proved that it actually works in real business. (of course small size business)

Now I am thinking how I can actually market this. Either by selling the whole site to a software company or selling memberships for entrepreneurs.

I am not sure how to do this part.

Any ideas will be appreciated 🙂

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We start talking on there, they seem to be enjoying the conversation, then all of a sudden the girl just stops responding. WTF is going on?

This one girl recently, we got chatting and everything seemed good. We even spoke on the phone, had a bit of banter and she said she would love to meet me. Problem is, she was over an hour away from me by train and I cannot get there until next weekend. I told her this, she said it’s fine, I don’t have to rush we can meet in good time, then I message her earlier today, no response! I message her to say “night” no response again. I am not sure what exactly is going on, but everything seemed fine today, then all of a sudden she just hasn’t responded.

I had this happen with a couple of other girls, but the other two were just onlin chats, nothing much else. Except, I did actually say to one of the girls that we would have to meet up sometime, to which she seemed positive about and said “I think we certainly do” yet that conversation went dead as well.

What goes on inside a female’s mind? I have no idea what to think about the first girl. I just don’t really understand why she hasn’t responded. It says she’s online when I look, yet she hasn’t replied to me.

I don’t know. I feel like giving up trying to meet people, as it all just seems a total waste of time. Meanwhile, other guys seem to be able to meet girls no problem.

What annoys me, is people who say “You will meet someone when you least expect” or “stop searching for it and you’ll meet someone”

Well this isn’t true. You have to be actively on the market to actually meet people, otherwise it’s unlikely you will just walk into the ideal girl. That is why so many people are on dating sites. They actually want to meet people, not just wait and not actively look for anyone.

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Responce To Summons Need To Fill Out PLD-C-010? Hello all:) i need help with this:(
how can i reply? can i deny the claim? please help, thank you!
Unifund CCR, LLC, a limited Liab. Co.

1. plantiff is a LLC.
2, each named defendant is a natural person.
3. the true names and capacities of defendants sued as
DOES 1 to 5 are unknown to plantiff. each fictiously named defendant is some way
responsible for the occurances alleged here and proxomately caused plantiffs damages.
4. each named and DOE defendant was acting as the agent or employee of the other defendats.

6. before filing this lawsuit, plantiff purchaised all rights , title and interest in the obligation upon which this suit is brought and is the sole owner of the account.
7. the above statments apply to the following causes of action.

First Cause of action – Breach of contract

8. on or about 06-10-08 , CITYBANK, NA and defendfat entered into an agreement for the issuance of a credit card which defendant requested, a credit card now bearing account number ending xxxxxxxxxxxxx7890 was issued to defendant. this cc account granted defendants credit privileges in purchaising goods and services and or receiving chash advances.
9. defendant accepted the written card holder by using the credit card, paymetn for the charges incurred was to be made in accordance with monthly billing statements sent to defendant.
10 on or about 10-29-09 defendant breached the card holder agreement by failing to make monthly minimum payment due.
11. plantiff and the original have performed all of their obligations to defendant except those oblogations plantiff or the original creditor were prevented or excused from performing.
12 plantiff suffered damages legally and proximmately caused by breach of the card holder agreement by defendant by that defendants left due owing the sum of 5003.31 with interest thereon. although demend has been made the amount prayed is due owing and unpaid.
13. pursuant to agreement or statue, plantiff seeks reasonable attorney fees according to proof.


14. Defendants and each of them became indepted to the original creditor, CITIBANK, NA within the last four years:
a. on an open book account for money due and
b. because an account was stated by and between the original creditor and defendant in which it was agreed that defendant were indept to the original creditor.
15. plantiff also alleges that each defendant became indept to CITIBANK, NA, within the past four years:
a. for money lent by the original creditor to defendant at defendants request, and
b. for manory paid, laid out and expended to or for defendant at defendants special instance and rquest for the defendants use and benefit.
16. the sum of $5003.31 is due and unpaid despait plantiffs demend, plus prejudgment interest to proof.


wherefore, as to all causes of action, plantiff prays for judgment as follows:
a. Damages of $5003.31
b. interest from and after 04-08-10 according to proof;
c. attornays fees according to proof;
d. costs of suit; and
e. for such other relief as is fair, just and equitable.

verification is attached as well.

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