Is Justin Beiber Tight For Paying A Hooker Only $500? …

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Is Justin Beiber Tight For Paying A Hooker Only $500? In Rio, apparently he paid a hooker only $500, I don’t know how much he is worth, but lets say it is like 1 billion, It would be like me going to a brothel and paying the hooker 10 cents or something
What are your thoughts?

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I’ve tried it with IE9, Chrome and Firefox and the same thing happens on all of them

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Girl Writing Her Name In My Bedroom, What Does This Mean? So I started talking to this girl over social media planned to meet her one weekend met her kissed her at this place etc. Next week we planned for her to come back to my house. She did come back to mine we had sex and the next morning she wrote her name with a love heart on my dusty tv stand lol. Anyway what i’ve seen her a few times since then havent had sex again even though she has stayed over she didn’t let me. What I’m trying to find out is is this a sign she likes me or something or she just doesnt want me to forget about her. I’m confused and kind of am starting to like her. GIRLS WHAT’S YOUR OPINIONS? Thanks
thanks everyone…. only annoying thing is i stumbled across her writing provocative things on another blokes photo found it pretty annoying actually she doesn’t know but it made me have second thoughts. Worst part is i always have liked a challenge so it won’t stop me

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