Marriott Brand Chief Puts Video Focus On Millennials

Marketing Video has been talked about a lot lately. Here is the latest info.

iMatrix Arkansas Optometric Association Members

6 October 2013 | 4:00 pm SORRENTO VALLEY, Calif. — iMatrix, an online marketing solutions provider, announced it has partnered with the Arkansas Optometric Association and is offering marketing services to Arkansas optometrists. …

Marriott Brand Chief Puts Video Focus on Millennials

6 October 2013 | 12:28 pm If all of the ANA Masters of Marketing speakers had digital-addicted family members in either grade school, high school or college to draw upon for analogies, that'd make perfect sense. Because to a person, none could keep the words "millennials" or "digital natives" from popping up over and over again during their presentations here in Phoenix in the last few days. Brian King, chief brand …

London Video Production Specialist Recent YouTube Offers Valuable New Service for Businesses

6 October 2013 | 7:30 am UK based provide quality video-making services delivered on time and budget. Their new YouTube video displays their exciting new service. (PRWeb October 06, 2013) Read the full story at

The pros and cons of video as a B2B marketing tactic – Diginomica

4 October 2013 | 7:08 pm B2B content marketing means overcoming failed tactics. It's time for a closer look at what actually works, starting with enterprise video.

Got Video? The Video Revolution | Kapost …

3 October 2013 | 3:07 pm Let's face itpeople love video. Ask yourself: prior to making a buying decision, would you rather read a long ad or case study about a product, or watch a compelling video about the same? Your average buyer is far more

Mindshare's Kinsella: Video Is the Key to Real-Time Marketing and …

30 September 2013 | 10:44 am Colin Kinsella, who joined WPP as the CEO of Mindshare, NA this July from Digitas where he was CEO for North America, has been a leader in the movement to real-time marketing where agencies and their brands engage

VIDEO VAULT Internet Marketing

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STEVE COPAN – Market Matrix Video Training Course – Index & Forex Trading

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Pike Place Market SOUL OF A CITY Rare Video Tour & History Seattle Washington

6 October 2013 | 4:54 am $45.00
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  1. Reply

    What’s With All The Brainwashed People Making The False Claim Anime Is Not Cartoons? By definition all anime ARE. If you look up the definition of an animated cartoon, its laughable to claim they’re not. Style means nothing here, if it is animated it is a cartoon. PERIOD. Is Sonic the Hedgehog not classed as a video game became it LOOKS different from Call of Duty? There’s a little saying called ” All anime are cartoons but not all cartoons are anime” this is true. It’s not a debate its a fact. I have found a ton of factual evidence stating anime and cartoons are NOT different. Because they’re not. There’s even a thread on MyAnimeList called ” Anime/cartoons are not separate”. There’s also this

    That link from gaia online should point the people saying ” Anime and cartoons are two different styles” in the right direction. Then they shouldn’t make that uninformed statement again.

    Oh not to mention this:

    It’s amazing how anime and cartoons are different yet all the people who claimed that haven’t provided a shred of evidence to back up their claim yet I found a ton to support mine. That just leads me to believe there just parroting the drivel of propaganda and desperate marketing campaigns by the anime industry
    You’re gonna say anime and cartoons are different but yet say all anime are cartoons? Makes sense.

    Did I say anime was western cartoons? No. I just pointed out that anime ARE cartoons. Not western cartoons in particular.
    Black Reaper,. WOW you’re gonna cite Wikipedia as a reputable source? It has been proven time and time again anime ARE cartoons. Please read the links I gave you before making up your CLOSED mind then maybe you’ll have a CLUE. In fact the one from gaia online completely refutes the BS you and the person above you stated.
    Kurama4Ever, your stupidity strikes again. Ii will agree with you that anime and cartoons are different stylistically but by definition they are NOT. Read this:

    Here’s the definition of an animated cartoon:

    Now come back and tell me your answer isn’t flimsy and doesn’t hold water.
    Black Reaper, if anybody i a troll its you. I just gave the definition of an animated cartoon. Please read it and notice its laughable to claim anime is not.

    Where are Paul and artmunki and the educated informed Yahoo Answerers?
    Jorge, your the ass here. I did nothing but prove and provide evidence for a semantic fact. And yet I ask an educated question and get uneducated answers.
    Black Reaper, FYI, Wikipedia is only 65% accurate. ANYBODY can post ANYTHING on there. There’s a reason why kids aren’t allowed to cite Wikipedia for research projects.
    Why not make myself sound like an ass when other people are making themselves sound like an idiot? The fact that anime os drawn, colored, 2D and animated makes anybody like Kurama4Ever sound like an idiot

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    • Adam
    • October 6, 2013

    Any One Else Find The Amount Of Gaming Channels On Youtube Sad? Like seriously? I’m not talking about the occasional guide or whatever – but the ‘let’s play (trending game already done by pewdiepie and/or yogscast) #69″ : “Please subscribe to my channel you’ll make my dream come true” comment spamming, unoriginal, “why has my video only got 4 views” half wits. It just gets me worked up that people can’t tell when a market is over saturated.

    Yeah a small minority do it for fun but you can tell them apart because they don’t copy their video structure from other famous youtubers and ask for ratings. Why do you think people spam youtube with such uninspiring drivel?

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