This is why I believe that the Samsung Galaxy S4 …

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This is why I believe that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is better than the HTC One(Sorry if this is long)

1. It is quicker- 1.9ghz quad core vs 1.7ghz quad core

2. Microsd- you can expand the memory with a 64gb microsd. This a cheaper way to expand your memory and you can have a 16 gb S4 and still have more storage than a One(64gb) if you get a 64gb microsd.

3. Removable battery- This means you can replace the battery if you run out of charge when you are around unlike the One which you have to charge or bring an external charger and charge it from there, however this is an akward way of charging your phone. Also the removable battery can help you prevent water damage as you can remove the battery if it falls in water, thus reducing the chances of water damage.

4. Repairability- Repairability- iFixit gave One the worst rating for repairability and gave one of the best to the S4(…

5. Screen- CNET believes that the S4 screen is better overall
a. The colors are miles more lively thanks to the Amoled display
b. For people that like true to life colors Samsung has Movie Mode that creates colors that are true to life so with the S4 you have the option of how colors look, lively or true to life. HTC does not offer this, there is no way of changing how the colors look on the HTC One.
c. Blacks on the S4 are very much black unlike the One where the blacks aren’t as realistic
d. The extra .3 inches make it less straining on your eyes when ulsufing the web but also allow you to multitask and make the screen more enjoyable overall. Also the S4 actually takes the same amount of space even with the extra aize screen so one handed use is the same on both. The S4 is also lighter so easier to hold in your hands
e. The difference in ppi 441ppi vs 468ppi is unnoticeable so this makes no difference and they are both 1080p/ HD.
f. The S4 also won a prize for the great/best contrast ratio between colors

6. Real Multitasking- watch videos while online, write an email while watching a video, send a message while surfing the web, you can split the screen in two so you can multitask without a bother, this cannot be done on the HTC One.

7. Samsung added features
a.Smartstay- won’t turn the screen off if you are still looking at it.
b.Smartpause- pauses a video when you turn around and turns it back on when you turn back
c.Eye controlled webpage scrolling
d. Airview- check link to learn more…
e.Infrared TV remote(on One too)
f.External temperature and humidity sensors
g.Use the phone while using gloves
h. S Health- useful for health enthusiasts
i. S Translator- it’s all in the name a translator
j.Etc- I could go on but check the link to see even more features…

8. Camera features- First of all reviewers say the only place that the HTC One beats S4 camera wise is in low light without flash, the rest are about the same(actually the S4 photos have more detail and are clearer according to CNET and Business Insider… except in video where the S4 wins. So in my opinion the camera’s are very similar so it’s more about features in the end, S4 wins here
a.Dual shot- take photos from both cameras so that you can include the photographer in a photo
b.Photo with audio message- record a message before or after a photo to add to a photo
c.Eraser shot- can remove unwanted moving content
d. Drama shot- takes pictures of a moving object and puts the moving object through the whole picture
e. More but those are the best

9. People say the metal feels premium, personally I have used both HTC One and S4 and have found that the feeling is different, the S4 does not feel like a cold metal brick in your hand but feels strong and sturdy yet not cold. Plus if you like metal but use cases you won’t notice any difference as the cases are virtually all plastic. Also metal weakens the signal of Wifi, 3g/4g and any other wireless communication system so it is a disadvantage. Another problem with HTC’s design is that the corners are sharp so it is not comfortable to hold, unlike the smooth rounded feel of the S4 (check out this link to see an unbiased choice and why the S4 was chosen… ).

10. For gamers, the S4 has the quickest gaming graphics on any smartphone so you won’t have problems while playing games (…

For 10 more reasons check this link

Hope this helped
Enjoy your new phone (no matter which one it is)

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