They don’t make them small enough, or light enough for …

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They don’t make them small enough, or light enough for pets yet. The ones I’ve seen on the commercial market (and no, you can’t get spy stuff, and movies make things up all the time) are bulky and too big for a cat to wear. The fee to keep the account open and able to locate the animal is high too.

The ones on the market are coverd by a consumer protection article here —
You need a cell phone app, and you pay a service fee. The average cost of the collar alone is $200 on most. The cheaper one does not locate an animal in an area smaller than 4 acres which is a 3 block area. These devices are meant for putting on hunting hounds, to locate them in the field, not for cats really. Battery live is very short and has to be recharged regularly so if the pet has the collar on too long, the batteries give out and it’s useless. That’s the problem with trying to make things very small.

Cats with collars get them caught on chain link fencing – I have seen two cats hung on a fence trying to get over it who got their collars caught and could not squirm out, and found one empty collar twisted around the wires on the bottom of our chain link fence in back one fall.

As for keeping a cat indoors ‘where it belongs’, I do TNR. The ferals (who are more street wise than indoor cats) live an average of 1 1/2 years before being killed on the road or by dogs. Loose dogs on the street, or dogs in the ’s back yard, they both kill cats and they’re usually very good at doing that. It’s the known danger for them in the cities. There’s also city coyotes now (cats are easy meals for them), FIV, FeLV, poisoning by drinking antifreeze under cars, and being trapped in garages to die of starvation. Along with humans who ‘catch’ friendly ones and torture or kill them, or sell them to people with pit bulls as fight fodder. You’re very naive if you think it’s a safe world for a cat.

Outdoor cats over the years living in the wild did not live 20 years, they lived maybe 5 away from humans outside the cities. It’s never been a safe world for an animal the size of a cat to live it’s full lifespan in the wild. Far too many other predators who eat rabbit sized prey look at cats as prey.

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Customers Are Valuable Marketing Assets For Small Businesses, According To Kes Thygesen Of RolePoint
Yes. Those are sponsored results. Those companies have paid Yahoo for the service of listing ads underneath questions on YA.

“…What are Sponsor Results?


This article describes Sponsor Results and includes information on how you can participate.


Sponsor Results are paid listings that appear on Yahoo! results pages, within selected Yahoo! Directory categories, and on thousands of webpages throughout the Yahoo! network.

Sponsor Results only appear when they’re relevant to the search terms you used. For example, if you search for digital cameras, you’ll see advertisements for websites that provide information about or sell digital cameras.

The Yahoo! Search results page and selected Yahoo! Directory categories separate Sponsor Results from all the other non-advertiser results so you can tell them apart.

Sponsored Search offers an effective way to connect customers with products and services. This program uses a performance-based model in which businesses bid for enhanced placement in search results on terms that are relevant to their . They bid and pay for each user click on their listing.

To learn more about the Sponsored Search and other Yahoo! Search programs, please visit the Yahoo! Search Marketing Help Pages.

Last updated: December 01, 2011…”

Customers Are Valuable Marketing Assets For Small Businesses, According To Kes Thygesen Of RolePoint
1. pros and cons for whom? What benefits one group may hurt another, and there is no generally accepted way of determining what is best for an economy, a society, or a nation. Pros and cons are all about values, an no two people have exactly the same values.

2. Pure market economies do not work at all; they don’t provide public goods and they don’t provide enough of the private goods with high positive externalities.

There are true believers who claim they prefer a completely free market on philosophical grounds, whether or not it delivers the goods. For them not working would not be a con. For most people, it is.

3. Pure command economies do work, but not all that well. Again, there are people committed to pure command economies on ideological grounds.

4. Most people are a bit more pragmatic and want more goodies. That is why ALL developed economies are mixed.

On the other hand, within the group of developed mixed economies, the U.S. economy is not doing all that well.
It has fallen behind in public goods such as infrastructure

And in private goods with high positive externalities such as education:
The Scandinavian countries do much better by almost any pragmatic standard
and even Canada and Australia have higher standards of living (which is what most, but not all, people consider the primary pro)

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You can have the best site in the world but if nobody visits it, nobody will know.

Depends entirely on how good your marketing is, so get cracking!

180Fusion Named Fifth Top Enterprise Search Engine Optimization Company By For February 2014
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Read here for more info.

Can Ordinary People Become Leaders?
The only way you can do that is to sell your gift card to one of the companies that buys and sells gift cards. Most will pay you for your gift card with either a check, pay pal or with an Amazon gift card. Here is an article with more information about the various companies that buy gift cards and their policies:

Can Ordinary People Become Leaders?
The song, as lead singer James Hetfield explained, “deals pretty much with drugs. How things get switched around, instead of you controlling what you’re taking and doing, it’s drugs controlling you.”

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First note that you are given the forex rates in “indirect” form. Indirect quotes tell you the number of foreign units it takes to buy 1 unit of domestic currency (your domestic currency is the US dollar). So, using the spot rate, it takes £0.5267 to buy $1. The reciprocal ( 1 / the indirect rate) will give you a “direct” quote, the number of domestic currency units (here, dollars) to buy one unit of foreign currency (here, the £). Thus, 1 / 0.5267 = 1.8961. This means £1 = (buys) $1.8961.

Looking at the spot and forward rates….
0.5267 …0.5283…0.5299…0.5315
you see the number increasing over time…this means it takes more £s to buy dollars in the future. That means the £ is expected to weaken against the dollar in the future.
Another way to look at it is to look at the reciprocals of the spot and forward rates. 1 / the indirect quote…
Examining these rates, you’ll see that in the future the £ is worth fewer dollars. Again, this shows the £ is weakening against the dollar.

So, the answer to #1 is the £ is selling at a discount in the forward market. (It costs less, in terms of dollars, in the future, than it costs today, at the spot rate.)

#2) There are two ways to go about calculating the answer. The fastest way is to do it this way: Since the indirect quote is expressed as £/$ = 0.5267, then £450,000/0.5267 = $854,376 (I drop the cents since your answer options drop them). You’ll see that this is the same as inverting the £0.5267/$1 to 1 / 0.5267 and multiplying by 450,000…so you have 450,000/0.5267 = $854,376. The other way, is really another way to invert and multiply, but with one more step. You actually “solve” for 1 / 0.5267 first, which gives you the direct quote, 1.89861, which is the number of dollars per pound, and then multiply by the number of pounds: £450,000 * $1.89861 = $854,376.

#3) First solve for the dollar value of the £450,000 at the 60 day forward rate…invert and multiply
450,000 / 0.5299 = $849,216
or solve for the fraction 1 / 0.5299 first and then multiply:
1 / 0.5299 = 1.88715…times 450,000 = $849,216
Second, solve for the difference between receiving $s at the 60 day forward rate vs receiving $s at the spot rate today…
forward $849,216 – spot 854,376 = ($5,159)

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