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What Is The Statue Of Limitations On Adultery In The Military? What Can Happen To My Wife If Shes Charged? When my wife, an LT in the Navy, came back from family emergency leave, she admitted that she cheated while she was out of the country. The affair went on for at least a week. She said it was over between them and she wanted our family to stay together. We have a 2 year old daughter together.

Before we could really settle anything, she was deployed to Afghanistan. I understand she has to get her mind right for her deployment and not be stressed out with problems at home. I agreed that we would settle everything once my wife gets back for her sake and the sake of our daughter. She promised that she wouldn’t try to get in touch with the guy anymore and that she would call me any time that she could.

Unfortunately, I found out recently that my wife broke her promise. She and the guy are still talking on facebook. He’s saying that he loves her. And she tells him about all the arguements that we have and how they can keep their communications kept secret better. Instead of calling home with the little free time she has, she gets in touch with this guy.

I don’t want to ruin her career if there’s still a chance that she can stop and we can overcome this. I want my daughter to have a happy home. But here are my questions to you guys:

If at the end of her deployment she decides that shes going to leave her family, can I go to JAG and get her charged with adultery? Or will it be too late since I didn’t charge her right after it happened? What is the worse that can happen to her? I don’t want her peeling potatoes at the bottom of a ship for the rest of her career but I want her to be punished for potentially ruining our family.
Thanks for those who answered so far. I know she was probably not in the right state of mind when she left.. especially with the recent family emergency that needed her to visit another country. She is also there as a nurse. So I am sure she is going to see some trauma. With all these things going on in her life at the same time, I’m sure shes dealing with a lot of stress. This stress might ultimately affect her at work. I just don’t want her to come home with a severe case of PTSD. Is there anything I can do or suggest to her command to get her some help that she might need? I realize going to JAG might not be the best idea for her sake or her mental health for the time being.

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And I would like to see more of her stuff! Anyone know if she has an account on any adult streaming sites? It says her username on the Vids but it blurred! Can anyone make it out?
also if anyone cud give me a link to this video but with sound it would be amazing!
Or if she has Vids on any porn site a link to those aswel plz

There’s the link again if the first one isn’t working

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If You Knew The World Was Corrupt In Every Way, What Would Convince You To Say,”it Is What It Is.? If you knew Obama had an agenda to destroy the economy by allowing the Federal Reserve the right to continue its expansion of QE(Quantitative Easing) to stimulate economy to those who had a net worth of $100K or more. What is your reaction? Facebook?Twitter? Blog about it and hope one day a independent online news gets ahold of it and hope it gets on CNN? CNN is control by Jewish Aristocrats. Or what you could do is react like every other ignorant human-being and swear beyond limit calling it BS this and F that.Im sure your mother and your family will certainly appreciate how you handle something so important to society by the sound of your swearing. Im being ironic. But if you knew from beginning to end, what a fortunate power, to know who did what and why. If you knew who society deems as heroes were actually the villains of our society, how strong would your constitutional, free-market, freedom-style justice plan work? I think it wouldn’t. I don’t think any of you will ever becoming nearly as capable of getting a dent in breaking this wall of shame. Even me. Why? Because this isn’t a democracy, its democracy-style aristocracy. Its one thing looking another. Im not stupid. Im not stupid of how food processing companies put ingredients in fattening foods to make our minds less memorable, insufficient, and in capable of learning properly, so that they give a reason to ship a job to China rather than start one in America. See its not the burger that makes the person fat but its the ingredients within the burger to cause the body to only want to eat more, its like a synthetic mental drug to force to eat something for a particular purpose. I say this because im not stupid i know what everyone seems to be, and its not I repeat it is not a democracy. We cliche our problems every day to help control our sufferings, and its like covering feces with newspaper, you can cover it up for a while hoping the smell will go away but your human, you know it’ll never go away. It’ll get stronger as you become weaker.

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School Is Taking Away From My Business.? So, here’s the problem.

I own a business that brings in about 3 grand per month. I know I can greatly increase that if I wasn’t in school because I’d have a lot more time to work on the company.

So you’re probably thinking to yourself “Quit college and go on with the company.”
Well, I’m in 9th grade. If the company goes down the shitter I don’t want to be stuck with just a K-9th Grade education. But it may also take off, which projected sales show it will if I spend more time on the SEO Marketing aspect of the platform, and lock down some more deals with Retailors.

Thoughts and suggestions?

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Traffic Camera Question? I noticed this camera the other day while driving. It is on a T-intersection where a main road connects to a side street. On the corner of these two roads (the main and the side street) there is a tall pole (about double the height of the traffic lights) with a small grey camera on top that is angled at about 45 degrees. I don’t think it could be a red light camera because of it’s angle (it looks like it’s focused on the main road about 15 metres from the intersection). Also aren’t red light cameras usually accompanied by a section device?

I noticed a couple more of these tall grey cameras further along this main road. Just curious as to what it’s purpose is.

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