I Need A HUGE Summer Bucket List! 2013!!!? I need …

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I Need A HUGE Summer Bucket List! 2013!!!? I need a huge summer bucket-list because normally i regret just leaving my summer as a boring old peice of f***. i am younger than 15 years old so don’t give me anything like smoke, get pregnant or stuff like that, i already have 21 things so i’ll list them.

1.tie-dye shirts
2.carve my name on a tree
3.have a waterballoon fight!
4.have a movie night with a bunch of my friends
5.dip-dye hair
6.paint hands and put handprints on sidewalk
7.make a “honk if you

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Pettibone Stays Unbeaten, Phils Top Indians
I Keep Dating Boys I Want A Man? I’m 18, I dress modestly (skinny jeans, blouses, high heels), I always leave the house looking presentable (with or without makeup, I’m incredibly nice and encouraging, and I’m not attracted to “bad boys” or “macho” “tough” boys.
All the boys that come into my life all start off being incredibly nice to me and then they change into these jerks. They hide every single trait of a douche, player, cheat, liar, etc, etc. They’re not over the top or seem to be “too good to be true” they really know what they’re doing. Some have dropped me, some made it official by saying “I guess we’re official now.” in serious tones, and then cheat, or treat me horrible. Like in this case I do go for the “good guys” the “bad boys” are acting like the “good guys.”
I’ve dated boys 2 years younger than me (it’s legal where I live), boys the same age as me and boys older than me. (I’ve dated multiple guys in their 40’s all the same.) They’ve all been the same, I don’t have high standards and I’m not dropping my morals for anyone.
My question is where can I find a MAN? I’m not interested in boys who want to use me to show off to their friends, or add me to the list of “chicks” who find them attractive.
Also I don’t go to clubs, or frat parties or anything like that. I’m not even interested in people who are obsessed with looks and tend to act like their on MTV all the time. I go to art galleries, charity auctions, car model shows, libraries, a lot of sophisticated places because I’ve noticed that when I do go to clubs and parties 80% of the boys there want to have a “good time” and the 10% are already taken.
How do I find a man? I’ve tried building friendships and I’ve tried just going out it doesn’t work. Currently I’m focused on colleges, majors, etc, etc, I’m working, volunteering, I’m living my life. I just want to tell someone special want I did “Today”, I’m letting life take the wheel and moving at a slow but steady pace but when a guy does come my way he’s usually a boy not a man.
It just sucks because all the guys that come into my life are assholes. I don’t know what’s wrong with people, why do women do it too? People are so immature and cruel they just play with feelings.

Pettibone Stays Unbeaten, Phils Top Indians
Is This A Good Build? Http://pcpartpicker.com/user/ssebs/saved/ a link to a parts list for a gaming computer
what would i be able to run on it? like call of duty on high settings? bf3 med settings

Pettibone Stays Unbeaten, Phils Top Indians
How Do We Get Out Of Getting Served A Witness Subpoena? Our nieghbor friend was arrested out of her apartment for a dui. She asked us to lie andsay we had been drinking with her in the building that night to prove she hadnt been out driving and got drunk at home. When we told her we did not want to lie under oath for her she became angry and said it was too late she already added us to the witness list and if we refused we would be subpoenaed. Since we arent going to lie for her we are of no/ help as witnesses so how do we keep from getting subpoened?

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I Need Help With MLA Citatons? I really need help with writing citations for the following examples. If somebody could please read them over and correct any of my mistakes, I would really appreciate it. The beginning of each question is the description of each thing that needs to be cited, and below are the citations that I wrote

1. In 2001 the publisher Houghton Mifflin in Boston released an anthology called Literary Criticism Today that contained a collection of essays by many authors. The book was edited by Mary Peters. One of the essays in the book is called “Ellison and the Surreal” written by Mark Greene. You used this essay for your paper. The pages your essay appeared on were 105-112 (Selection of an anthology)

Greene, Mark. “Ellison and the Surreal.” Literary Criticism Today. Ed. Mary Peters. Boston. Houghton Mifflin, 2001. 105-112. Print.

2. The author is Amy Richman. On October 25, 2002 the Seattle Times published her article “Tim O’Brien Charms Local Crowd” on page G8. You got the article on May 3, 2009 through the online database Proquest. (Magazine and database)

Richman, Amy. “Tim O’Brien Charms Local Crowd.” Seattle Times, 25 Oct. 2002: G8. Proquest. Web. 3 May, 2009.

3. The author is unknown. The website is Poetry Today, which is sponsored by the National Poetry Foundation. The page you’re using has no clear title, though the top of the page contains the sentence, “Faulkner Still Inspires Writers.” The website was last updated on February 5, 1996 and you accessed it on November 2, 2010 (Website)

Poetry Today. National Poetry Foundation, 5 Feb. 1996. Web. 2 Nov. 2010.

4. The author is John Smith. His peer reviewed critical essay “Class Dynamics in Faulkner’s ‘A Rose for Emily'” appeared in the third issue of the 42nd volume of the academic journal American Fiction Studies, which was published in 2006. The article was on pages 35-52. You retrieved it on April 10, 2010 through the online database The Literature Resource Center (Journal article and database)

Smith, John. “Class Dynamics in Faulkner’s ‘A Rose for Emily.” American Fiction Studies 42.3 (2006): 35-52. The Literature Resource Center. Web. 10 Apr. 2010.

5. Arlene Kaufman wrote and directed a documentary entitles, “Witchcraft in Nathaniel Hawthorne” which aired on public television in 1999. You didn’t see it then, but you saw it on the DVD version, which was released by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in 2001 (Special feature on a DVD)

“Witchcraft in Nathaniel Hawthorne.” Prod. Arlene Kaufman. Corporation for Public Broadcasting, 2001. DVD.

6. American literature scholar, Mark Heinle was interviewed on National Public Radio’s daily show “All Things Considered” which is hosted by Steve Inskeep. The interview was broadcasted yesterday and you heard it while stuck in traffic at 3:30 pm on the station KPLU (88.5 on your FM dial) (Interview on the radio)

Mark Heinle. Interviewed by Steve Inskeep. All Things Considered. National Public Radio. KPLU, 3 Dec. 2013. Television.

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Would A Online Marketing Career Be Good For Someone Who Has Basic Technical Knowledge? Online marketing such as search engine marketing/Pay per click campaign management.

Basic technology usage of a college student (non tech major) who surfs the web, downloads music, emails professors, social media, texting, youtube, etc. No knowledge of web technologies behind the scenes or anything like that.

I’m trying to advise someone with basic technical skills to choose the right career. She’s thinking about online marketing, however I’m advising against it because 1. She doesn’t really know what she’s getting herself into and the more obvious one is 2. She doesn’t have sufficient technical skills.

What do you guys think? Can she do it or would it be tough? Should she look for something else? She’s undecided and open for suggestions.

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Ancient Egyptians With 360 Waves? Http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/360_Waves


Car Overturned, Expect Delays At Indiantown Road And I-95
Ancient Egyptians With 360 Waves? Http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/360_Waves


Car Overturned, Expect Delays At Indiantown Road And I-95
Ancient Egyptians With 360 Waves? Http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/360_Waves


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