How To Address Non Refund Of Air India Ticket Amount …

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How To Address Non Refund Of Air India Ticket Amount Purchased Through Internet When The Flight Was Cancelled? Numerous intimation made with air india customer support site and confirmation for remission of the ticket amount made by them but not carried out till date.
The Flight was cancelled due to bad weather and accordingly the ticket was cancelled from the airline office at the airport itself.

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Where Can I Get A Diablo 3 Game Key For Free? I have been searching like crazy. I downloaded a dozen “keygen’s” and every single damn one I have checked redirects you to a page where you need to download something else. For example, I download the key generator then it says that I must download the key from some other website so that they can stay secure.
Or even worse, I tried to download a keygen but to download the keygen I had to fill out a survey, but none of the surveys worked except the ones that ask for a mobile phone so I tried that but they don’t deliver the msm to Fido.
Or the exact same scenario except I download the keygen then they ask for a fucking password! So to get the password you need to fill out ANOTHER survey but these surveys don’t work. Obstacle after obstacle.

And when I say that the surveys do not work I mean they DO NOT WORK.
There were only five options. Two were mobile things that do not direct to fido, which is my service provider, one was a virus; this only leaves two other options.
The two make you fill out some kind of win an iPad or bull shit then they say please select an extra prize then take you to some other crazy ass auction website and you need to bid on crap and buy stuff and nowhere on the original survey selector menu did they say auction house.

So then I tried to make a premium account for the downloading site, file ice; but they said I was not eligible to create an account so I had to wait 24 hours until I could try to make another one.
After that I tried to find a fileice premium account generator but that then took me to another survey after I downloaded the generator and finally I couldn’t fill out those surveys either because they were impossible to fill out or the mobile ones just did not deliver to fido; my service provider.

Now I downloaded the starter edition to Diablo 3 and got all the way and defeated the skeleton king and it’s very fun but I really want the full version. It would take weeks until I could afford the full version so please can someone help me.
It is also so sketchy the file downloading sites and on every single , they have bots commenting on the videos repeating the same thing over again like that the download works, etc.

It’s a real pain in the ass and I just really really want to play this game right away.
I am not the kind of person who never pays for his games.
I have only gotten one game for free my entire life and it was Virtual Villagers the tree of life because I didn’t want to go buy a visa card and buy the game .
I have probably spent over 400 dollars on video games within my lifetime.
Now I just desperately want Diablo 3 can anyone please give me something, because I really believe that there are some keygens or something that work, but the good ones only work if their new and fresh because they get shut down. Or maybe the survey ones actually do work but it’s almost impossible to get to them.
Who knows?
So PLEASE, even if you can’t give me the keygen or something else; just give me some help and explanation and information on how these things work and reliability/if they actually even work.

I love you all!
All of you.

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