How Do I Stop My Parents From Being Too Over-protective?! …

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How Do I Stop My Parents From Being Too Over-protective?! Please Help!? When u read my question u probably think that my parents just don’t want me hanging out with guys who are bad news, right? WRONG!!!

I’m a 15 year old girl, and at this point in my life my friends are super important to me.
I go the to a Catholic school, so I have absolutely zero contact with boys, but that’s not the problem!

I’m pretty close to my friends and I love going to school, not because I’m a geek, but because that’s the only place I get to meet my friends.

Now coming to my problem, my parents don’t let me go out of my house alone, literally!
I can go out to the porch or the garden but that’s about it.

My parents drop and pick me up from school, even though it’s only a 15 min walk from my house to the school.
My parents never let me go out with my friends and because of that my friends don’t even ask me to go with them anymore and I hate that feeling of being left out when I hear my friends making plans to go to the mall or somewhere else.
They don’t even let me go to my friends houses alone.
If I ask my parents if I can go to the mall with my friends they say ” We’ll take you to the mall and you can meet your friends there, we’ll just look around, and when your ready to go, you can just call us with your friends phone and then you can wait at the entrance”

I don’t even have my own phone or even an account on a social networking site.

Even though my parents seem old fashioned, they aren’t really, it’s just that they’re too over-protective!

What do I do?

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