Has Anyone Ever Called You UGLY To Your Face? Or …

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Has Anyone Ever Called You UGLY To Your Face? Or behind you back?

E.g, Back when I was in 7th grade. I was new to the school. I didn’t know anyone there, and these bunch of girls would call me ugly and all sorts. I never understood why they were doing that. I never saw myself as ugly (I still don’t), but at the time they made me feel really bad about myself and made me become so insecure. The girls and one other guy had something called the ”gossip book”. They would constantly write stuff inside it and whisper to each other. Of course, I was curious and I knew they were talking about me but I didn’t think it was that bad. One day, I found out what they had written inside it. They made a ranking list of the prettiest girls to the ugliest. I looked at the list and right at the bottom there was my name Noelle ranked as the ugliest. There was also a time when my mum came to pick me up from school, the next day the girls and that one guy would make comments like ” Wow, her mum is gorgeous, how come noelle is like that? She probably inherited her ugliness from her dad” (Bare in mind, they had never even seen my dad) I got home and I cried about it to my nanny ( Who I see as a grandmother because she’s been with us for ten years now) I eventually told my mum but I didn’t want her to come to school and get report the kids, so she gave me advice and told me that they were just jealous. I refused to believe it was jealousy. Anyways, after like a month they all started being nice to me. Really nice. It continued like that and I eventually became good friends with all of them. I know your probably going to be thinking I was stupid for becoming friends with them, but I’m a really forgiving person and could never hold a grudge. Since, we were all finally friends I asked them why they used to say such nasty things about me and why they thought I was ugly. They finally told me that they never really thought I was ugly, they actually thought I was pretty but they just assumed that I was going to be another stuck up bratty new girl who thought she was all that. ( I had just moved from a private boarding school in England at the time, so maybe that’s why they thought that.)

Ever since 7th grade, no one has ever called me ugly again. Too be honest, I’m actually stronger now (I know it sounds cliche) because if someone calls me ugly or anything like that I don’t get angry because it isn’t true.

Sorry I know it’s long, I just felt like sharing this 🙂

What about you? I also think that no one should be called ugly, ESPECIALLY to their faces.
I’m not still dwelling on it, I was watching a rerun of the tyra banks show and they were talking about self-esteem. It made me feel like sharing this. I also would like to know if others have gone through something like this.
yeah I am pretty sensitive, with low confidence too.
@et tu brettu yeaah everything is much better now! it was just in seventh grade

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