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How Do I Make My New Baking Blog Popular? My roommate and I just started a baking blog. We’ve gotten a fair few pageviews but mainly by posting on our newsfeed. We would like to get more views from other sources and we would also like to get comments because we haven’t gotten any yet. How would go about doing this? The blog is if you wish to look, we’re very open to construvtive criticism on how we can make it better!

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Can A Spouse Be Forced To Pay Child Support For A Kid That Isn’t His? A very close friend of mine is considering marrying an older woman who has a 13-year old child from another man.

We are concerned because:
1. They have somewhat of an age difference. (10+ years.)
2. The woman is a journalist with modest earnings. The man is a dentist who is about to open his own practice in Manhattan. He is very likely to start earning a lot of money over the next couple of years.

My questions are the following:

What happens if things don’t work down the line and they divorce in 2-3 years?
Can they keep completely separate finances?
Can the man be forced to pay child support, even though he is not the biological father of the child?
What clauses should they have in their prenuptial agreement?

They would reside in the State of New York.
Some people are taking

He is an extremely close friend of my husband and me that I have known since we were little. I always look out for my friends’ best interests. He fully intends to get a pre nup and openly discusses these and other questions with us. We are gathering questions and information before he retains an attorney.
So I will most definitely not “mind my own business.” If you can’t be helpful by providing useful relevant information, do not waste your time posting a reply. Thanks. 😉

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Bullying Stats Before 2000? I’m curious about when attention was drawn to raise awareness against bullying. My father has brought up how when he was in high school (1970s), it was common for kids to just put up with it. If this is true, do any of you think social media could’ve made it a bigger deal, or caused young adults to act more emotionally to being the subject of bullying? If that’s the case, why aren’t kids as emotionally stable as they used to be?

Just pure curiosity. I can’t seem to find any statistics as far as how children used to react to bullying/harassment. I’m also curious if anyone knows whether kids used to commit suicide as often as they do today due to being bullied during their school-age years.

These are completely objective viewpoints and questions. Please only answer if you have factual evidence or can draw comparisons from your own .

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Am I Being Too Mean In This Situation? About a year ago I had an older friend (he was 45 at the time I was 25) move in to my apartment to help me out with the rent and get him out of the place he was living now that he didn’t like. We agreed to him paying $300 a month to stay with me and that would include his rent, water, gas, electric, and . The overall rent for the apartment is $525 a month with no utilities included so what I was asking from him was a little more than half of his rent alone if we split everything evenly. It was a nightmare from the get go. A couple days after he moved in we found out he brought bed bugs from his old place to my apartment. He was able to get an exterminator in a few days later so I didn’t hold that against him but I lost my comforter, some clothes, and a suitcase due to that fiasco. He also had trouble with the $300 a month because he worked a flooring/construction job that is touch and go. By December 2012 he owed me $340 in back rent. I lost my job that December and he wasn’t working either but we scraped by going to the food kitchen and I got unemployment so my landlord worked with me. During my unemployment he would get mad at me because I liked to play with a racquetball in my room and he said I messed with his concentration while he worked on his business (he tries to fix computers for people on the side for $50 a pop) and I got really mad because by then he owed me almost $900 in rent. I told him its my house and if I want to bounce my ball in my room I can do it. He said he doesn’t care what I do in my room as long as I keep the door closed. This infuriated me because I let him set up his tv and in the living room because his bedroom is small. Earlier in his stay he had complained about me hanging out in the living room and distracting him and now he’s complaining about me being in my room and its my house (he’s not on the lease)! I really soured on him staying with me then but I knew he had no where to go so I just put up with it. Plus I got a job two weeks after that incident so we were out of each other way for a bit. Months drag on into May 2013 and he owes me $600 in back rent, actually he owed a little over $1,000 but I said $600 since he just started working flooring full time. Well in mid May he gets a $2500 paycheck and I ask him to just go ahead and pay the $600 he owes me so he can be finally caught up. He balks and says he needed to get a bike to ride around in but has plans to pay me off with his next check. At that point I was sick of giving him rides so I said fine and he bought a $1,300 motorcylce instead of paying the $600 in back rent he owes me or the $250 it would cost to fix his motor in his car. At that point I want him gone and kept dropping hints its time for him to move on but he never took it. So I decided to allow my friend and her son to stay for a couple weeks thinking he’ll get the idea I want him gone. I didn’t tell him she was coming because I thought its my house and I’ll have who I want visiting. In hindsight probably would have been better to tell him, anyway he comes in drunk and yells at them for being there. Ask her 9 year old son if he can go get another beer and get drunker and tells her to go live with the state. At that point I’d had enough and told him he needs to leave. He got mad and threatened to beat me up (put me in a ditch was his exact words) and called me the n word, I’m black and he is white. I told him that confirms he needs to go and the next day he got an apartment lined up for September 2nd. Lo and behold the man goes riding on his bike drunk this last Sunday the 1st and winds up getting in an accident which causes him to get a DUI, reckless driving charge, no insurance charge, and he lost his job because his leg is broken. He is supposed to be gone but comes in yesterday and I tell him he’s got to go. He says he will leave the next morning and when he woke me up an hour ago with the washer I came out and said he needs to go by noon. He called me an ahole and said everyone he has talked too said I’m a huge jerk for treating him this way. I’m fed up. I’m sick of supporting him. He says I’m unbearable because I don’t clean up the kitchen and I keep the house too hot. Am I being a jerk here, or am I right to not want to live with him anymore? Sorry for the long read. Is #1 SEO Company In Tennessee According To TopSEOS
What Is The Full Form Of SEO? What is the full form of SEO?

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