What is GIF Format?

What is GIF Format?

GIFs are nothing but animated images. Though gifs appear to be similar to videos they really aren’t. A GIF is an image format that plays many pictures together in a sequence, very much like a flipbook. They don’t support any sound and take very little storage space. There are plenty of online apps out there that allow you to create your very own gifs.

Here in this article, we will discuss what makes gifs so much fun and finally some cool tools for you to come up with your very own gifs.

Main Uses

GIFs are mainly used to convey hilarious jokes and funny ideas. The gifs are very much like memes, the only difference is that in memes there is no movement as there is in GIFs. The sites like GIPHY, Gyfcat, etc are great sources of gifs. These and many other tools have been incorporated into various mainstream apps.

You can use gifs in Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp chats to make them funnier. You can type various and the app will present you with suitable gifs in no time.

Reasons for success

Though the gif file format is quite old, it still hasn’t lost its usage and effectiveness in communication. It is very easy to make, small in size, and can carry a lot more information than a regular image. Here are some main reasons due to which gifs are so popular and everyone loves using them

1. More information in little time

Gifs can present a considerable amount of information to their viewers. You can see some complicated processes, some tasks involving various steps, and things like that. They are often used to tell little stories and ideas in a very creative way.

2. It can promote services and

Gifs are a great way to showcase your ranges. Many websites use gifs instead of regular images because this way, the users don’t have to swipe to view the next item. Most large and small businesses use gifs to make their products look fun and exciting and it works.

3. Gifs are cheaper

If you own a large business and you want to advertise your products, using animations for your products can cost you a lot and it also takes more time. Gifs on the other hand are very easy to make and extremely cost-effective as well. By clicking here, you can convert GIF into PNG format as well.

Some tools to Use for Creating Your Gifs:

1. GIPHY Cam

It is a great app that can convert your camera taken images into gifs. You can edit them and add filters to make your gifs even .

2. GIF Maker

With this app, you can convert videos, photos, and live content into gifs in no time at all. It is a free app that doesn’t take up much space. You can add filters, captions, and memes to your gifs too which is pretty cool.

Wrapping it Up

We hope this information has helped you in your understanding of this fun and exciting image format. Gifs can add flavor and charm to whatever you are trying to convey. Whether it is a friendly group chat or business and advertisement stuff, using gifs will surely make things easier and more fulfilling for you.

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