Guest Blogging Ideas for Band Blogs

Do you need some great ideas for rock band guest posts? If you need those ideas right now, then keep on reading this blog post. You’ll find a great array blog ideas that will help you bust through the worst case writer’s block. Take a few these ideas, do some research, and you’ll have a great post in no time at all. Sometimes all you need is a good idea to get the creative process started, so read through the list below and see which them will do that for you.

Band Ideas

  1. The Best Rock Songs the 1970’s
  2. The Best Pop Songs the 1980’s
  3. The Best Dance Songs the 1990’s
  4. The Best Indie Songs the 2000’s
  5. The Best Rap Songs All Time
  6. Radio Hits the 70’s
  7. Radio Hits the 80’s
  8. Radio Hits the 90’s
  9. Radio Hits the 00’s
  10. The Greatest Hits Electric Light Orchestra
  11. The Greatest Hits Aerosmith
  12. The Greatest Hits Uriah Heep
  13. The Greatest Hits The Who
  14. The Greatest Hits The Beatles
  15. The Greatest Hits The Rolling Stones
  16. The Greatest Hits DMX
  17. The Greatest Hits Jay Z
  18. The Greatest Hits the
  19. The Greatest Hits Chet Baker
  20. The Greatest Hits The Preservation Hall Jazz Band
  21. The Greatest Hits Yes
  22. The Greatest Hits Asia
  23. The Greatest Hits Ellt Smith
  24. The Greatest Hits The Postal
  25. The Greatest Hits Led Zeppelin
  26. The Greatest Hits Pink Floyd
  27. The Greatest Hits Guns N’ Roses
  28. The Greatest Hits Fleetwood Mac
  29. The Greatest Hits Radiohead
  30. The Greatest Hits Nirvana
  31. The Greatest Hits The Eagles
  32. The Greatest Hits Willie Nelson
  33. The Greatest Hits Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  34. The Greatest Hits CCR
  35. The Greatest Hits The Doors
  36. The Greatest Hits The Beach Boys
  37. The Greatest Hits Deep Purple
  38. The Greatest Hits Lynyrd Skynyrd
  39. The Greatest Hits the Foo Fighters
  40. The Greatest Hits Green Day
  41. The Best Rock Bands from
  42. The Best Rock Bands from Ireland
  43. The Best Rock Bands from Scotland
  44. The Best Rock Bands from the United States
  45. The Best Rock Bands from Mexico
  46. The Best Rock Bands from Australia
  47. The Best Rock Bands from Africa
  48. The Best Rock Bands from Italy
  49. The Best Rock Bands from South America
  50. The Best Rock Bands from Canada

How to Improve the Chances Getting Your Blog Post Accepted

If you want to increase the chances getting your accepted on major blogs, then keep these tips in mind the next time you’re writing a blog post.

Original content only – If you’re new to guest blogging you may think that you can get away with copying someone else’s blog post and passing it f as your own. The fact is if you’re partnering with a credible blog they’re going to check your blog post and most likely put it through Copyscape. If it’s not original, then it won’t get posted. If you don’t have enough time to write an original guest blog post, then pay someone to do it for you.

Beef up the word count – Don’t skimp on the word count your . Give the readers something that will take longer than a minute to get through. Aim for 500 to 700 words per post.

Read it out loud – Want to know the best way to prevent typos and other errors in your post? Read it out loud before you send it f.

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