3 Ways LED Lights will Improve Income at Your Car Dealership

3 Ways LED Lights will Improve Income at Your Car Dealership
As an auto dealer, you realize that a car sale begins when a potential client drives past or steps into your showroom. One the greatest challenges a car dealership manager contends with is maintaining the appearance of the showroom while keeping costs down. Keeping cost low will allow you to maximize profits and save on the amount of money that will be expended on energy. An excellent way to reduce costs and increase overall revenues is in your lighting. Upgrading to LED outdoor lighting at your dealership will ensure you save on the cost of energy.

LED is especially famed for its ability to conserve energy. It has been proven that adopting LED technology can help a company save up to 75% on lighting utility bill every month. In addition to the cost saving benefits, adopting this technology has tremendous benefits for a car dealership company and its perceived value. In this post, we will highlight three major ways LED can improve your car dealership helping you save costs expended on energy.

1. LED reduces the consumption of energy by up to 75%

It is obvious that reducing your energy consumption by up to 75% reduction by adopting the LED lighting system will go a long way in minimizing costs. BAA LED tubes are more efficient compared to other lighting system usually installed in lots such as metal halide, HPS, etc. Replacing these with the energy efficient BAA LED tubes will help you save up on costs associated with energy consumption, thereby you will see positive ROIs from your investment in LED. Thus, the lights actually cover the cost of purchase. The cost incurred overtime both in operation and will be a lot lesser compared to those other lighting systems.

2. LED offers a longer lifespan (by 2-3 times)

Another significant advantage of LED lighting is that they offer a longer life span compared to other popular lighting systems such as metal halide. In fact, the difference in lifespan can be 2-3times more than metal halide and HPS. This offers you two main cost-saving benefits. First, you save more because you will reduce the money spent on replacing burnout light since they generally have a longer lifespan. Furthermore, there will be a reduction in the amount of time expended on replacing burnt out lights, and at the same time, you will also get to reduce the need to pay someone to maintain and switch out your lighting system. In summary, you get two benefits; spending less on replacement along with reduced costs in terms of hiring someone for maintenance.

3. LED offer higher light quality

Apart from its efficiency LED offers higher quality light output in nearly every way. Unlike other luminaries, LED will never glimmer nor buzz. Installing lighting that buzz or flicker will make your car lot less appealing to potential customers and could be outright annoying if it persists. Additionally, if you realize that you start seeing under-lit parts in your lot just a few years after installing new lights; then your lights may be experiencing high levels of lumen depreciation. A major advantage LED holds in this regard is that it takes a longer time to depreciate compared to other lighting systems. Therefore you will never have to worry about an under-lit area in your lot as long as your lighting system is designed and installed correctly. With no buzzing or flickering, LED produces high-quality lightning improving the appearance of your lot, resulting in higher perceived value thereby driving sales.


The bottom line is that BAA LED tubes offer benefits that will be advantageous to you. The quality of LED is never in doubt, once installed you will start reaping the benefits including a reduction in operating costs and an increase in your . Implement sustainability and reduce costs today by installing LED in your showrooms and building.

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