Top 5 Benefits of Building Automation

Building Automation is a centralized system that monitors and controls the environment of an entire building. The system has a wide range of benefits including , cost, limiting the environmental impacts and improving the building’s safety and security.

Many new commercial buildings are being constructed with the ready-to-go automation system. But, many owners of old buildings are skeptical or simply unaware of the high-tech building automation system.

Here, we are sharing top 5 benefits of building an automation system.

  1. Saving energy – The biggest benefit that a building automation system provides is the effective management of energy.The energy bill is one of the biggest costs of a business sprawled in a big area. And, it is also the most misused resource of the business. When you install a building automation system you can control different zones from a centralized location and adjust the energy consuming equipment as needed. Building automation system can effectively save you around 5-30% on your energy bills.
  2. Reduced environmental impact – Simply by reducing the energy consumption you reduce the impact you might be putting on the environment.The building automation system is not only limited to the cooling, heating and system of the building. You can also get your automation system connected to the plumbing to reduce water usage and wastage.When you waste lesser amount of natural resources and energies you put lesser bad effects on the environment.
  3. Improved security – Your building and the people working in it are safer and secure when the whole is automated.You can get your entire building monitored better by installing CCTV cameras and linking them to the building automation system.You can put automatic locks and set it to lock at a certain time so that no one but the persons with a key card or pin pad can enter.You can install fire alarms and firefighting system to your automation system to keep your building safe from such accidents.
  4. Remote access – It is not possible for you to always stay in your building. But, you might like to keep an eye on the things going on in your building and control the system to keep your business and your people safe.Thank the new-gen building automation system that you can control all systems in your building from just anywhere. With the help of wireless technology, you can control your automated system from any device that connects you to the internet.
  5. Proper – Now that you have installed building automation system you need not worry about breakdowns and the resulting downtime.The and collects data from all-zones that can be used by the operator to figure out any operational problems without having to send a technician to survey the entire building.When you get the information so early you can get the things repaired before it breaks down and disturbs the normal functioning.

You can get your automation system customized according to your needs and reap much more benefits than listed above.

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