The Basic SEO Strategy and How Smart SEO Tools Help You Save Time

SEO is a painstaking process. You need to spend a lot your time and energy in order to achieve a better raking for your site. And if you are not well-versed in SEO, you also need to invest enough time to learn at least the basics. Well, there a number of free SEO tools that can help you identify issues and fix them. Even if you are a newbie, these tools can help you perform certain effective SEO fixes.

In this article, we are discussing the SEO strategy and how certain free tools help you identify and fix and improve your site’s performance.


You start your SEO efforts always by auditing your website. This process basically involves auditing the entire site which gives you an idea about the keywords present in your website, backlinks and will also check the on page SEO of each page. This basically tells you the basic things such as how good your Meta details and keywords are. Based on the insights you get, you can create and implement an effective SEO strategy.

Competitor Analysis

If you do not understand your competitors, you are falling behind. There are many free SEO tools that offer you great insights into your competitors’ keywords, backlinks and other such strategic details. Some of the tools you can use are Semrush competitor analysis tool, Alexa, SpyFu etc. It’s better to take their paid version, if you need to get in-depth data and insights.

Identify opportunities for

Once you have the insight into your competitors’ keywords, ranking and backlinks, it is time for you to analyze and understand the areas you need to improve. You need to device, a strategy that encompasses both onsite and off-site SEO needs. You may have to rethink about your social media presence and even the way you write blogs and other content on your website. If all these feels like a Himalayan task, worry not. There are many SEO and digital agencies across the globe who know how to strategies and implement effectively.

Enrich your keyword list

The next step is to enrich your keyword list. You need to see the competent keywords you can use on your website’s content. There are many keyword research tools such as Google’s keyword planner. These tools tell you the volume of a particular keyword. Based on the trends and ranking, you can choose the ones you need to optimize your content for. Based on the keywords, you can generate content and diversify your website while enhancing its growth opportunities.

Free tools that can be used to identify issues and improve your sites ranking

Here is a list of free SEO tools that you can use. The below tools not only help you monitor your performance or understand your competitor, they also help you track your progress and ranking:

  • Autosuggest
  • Answer The Public
  • Accuranker – Grump
  • Bitly
  • Dr. Link Check
  • Clicky Web Analytics
  • Entireweb
  • Google Search Console

The list is growing and enormous. If you are looking for more such free tools, here is a repository of 40 best SEO tools

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