5 Reasons Why Video Marketing Should Be Used

is booming today. And we have websites like and Facebook to thank for that.

“Ooh, have you watched that video?” is common than “Ooh, have you read that article?” don’t you agree?

To back this up, we have statistics like 55% of people watch online videos every day and 87% of online marketers use video content.

So why is this happening? Let us have a look

1. Videos boost conversion ratios

Think about it. Visuals have always been more explanatory to us since childhood. Vision is our most dominant sense amongst all. With video content, you have a combination of both audio and video. That is why people tend to react to an ad, which in this case means buying the product, as opposed to when they hear or read about the product.

A video has an ability to keep the viewer engaged, even a lazy buyer. In fact, studies have proven that a staggering 74% of people buy products after watching a detailed explanatory video on it.

2. Videos are loved by

It is a fact that engines are lured by video content. Sites containing videos are often ranked higher. Your videos keep customers glued to your website for a longer amount of time.

The longer people are on your site, the stronger the signal which is sent to that your site is credible. Thus, if your website has got videos, you are more likely to be stumbled upon by your target audience.

3. Videos sure do talk more

Light, music and dialogue connect much more with the audience, triggering the emotional side. The storytelling skills of videos are more impactful than text. Videos also help in building a strong bond with your audience.

Further, a video can contain much more information than text can. Thus, you can feed the users with lot more details in merely a few minutes of that visual.

4. Videos are shared often

Social media is flooding with shared videos. When the user connects to a certain video, he/she will share it on social media. And it surely is the age of viral videos so don’t be left behind.

5. Videos are preferred by users

How often have you witnessed people watching videos on a train, metro, or bus? Too often, right?

Mobile users are a huge target market for short video content. In fact, it is said that 88% of short videos – 30 seconds long – are viewed till the end by phone users.

Besides, who would prefer squinting their eyes to read long-form texts on their mobile phones over sitting back, plugging in ear phones and viewing the video? It is just a simpler option.

So, in this rule of video marketing, you don’t want to get left behind. Take as much advantage of this time and grow your business by opting for video content. Marketing ideas such as those found on SurfacedMedia.com can help you help any business up their game.

What are you waiting for? Start filming already!

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