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A couple years ago I decided I was going to start a about life as a single mom. My husband and I had gotten a divorce and I wanted a place to get out everything I was feeling. I thought I could meet some other single moms this way too.

At first when I would , no one would read it. I didn’t get any comments or any feedback. I wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong. I felt like my writing was honest and would be able to touch other people.

I started visiting other s and before I knew it I was getting traffic. I was finally getting comments and that made me very happy. It helped me keep going and also gave me an idea about what to post about.

I had been ging for a couple months when I received an email about doing a book review for someone. They had written a book about single parenting and thought it would be perfect for me to review on my . I said yes because it looked like a good book.

I am so glad I did that review. It opened the door to doing other types reviews. I was starting to make a little money by way reviewing products. I was really en it.

I kept writing really good posts and would get asked to guest post ten. I felt pretty good about that because I knew I could touch even more people that way. I would sometimes get emails telling me that I had helped them.

I eventually went to a ging conference and got to meet a lot other gers. That was nice because I got to talk about it with other people who knew what I was saying. I did talk about my with friends but they didn’t always understand what I was talking about.

Time went on and I was able to gain some s. I can now say that I really do make money ging. My is now two years old and I am so glad that I started it.

I try to three times a week. I spend the rest the time responding to emails and trying to network with other people. It is like a full-time job and I put a lot time into it.

I am not sure if I will eventually write a book from my . I like the idea that but I know it will be a lot work. People have told me that I should so I think I will look into it more sometime soon.

I really en ging because I just have to write a short post and share it with the world. I pour out my heart in hopes that other people will be able to relate to me. It helps them know they are not alone in their struggles. I am not sure what job would be better than that.

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