How To Create Online Contest Rules

A good way to really get yourself noticed is by holding a contest that can also get data from your ’s visitors, but you also want to make sure that the are very clear and concise so that the participants are satisfied and to make sure you don’t get yourself in trouble for it. Use the advice in the following article to make sure your contest’s rules are up to snuff.

The first thing you must make clear are when the contest will start and when the contest will be ending. If the contest won’t start until a later date, you must make sure all the people entering will know that. Otherwise they will try to enter before the contest starts and their entry won’t qualify. This will just end with frustrated people. You also must make sure everyone knows when the contest ends so that they can get their entries in on time. This is especially crucial if the contest is for something that will take a while to put an entry together; you don’t want people to put in a lot of hard work only to miss the cutoff date because they weren’t clear on the specific end date.

You should clarify how often someone can enter. For some contests you will limit it to one entry per person, but for some other contests you may just decide that someone can enter as much times as humanly possible. You should also make it clear if people from the same household or email address can enter. Some people may try to get around your “one entry” rule by signing up for people who live with them. To prevent this you can make it clear that it is restricted to one entry per address.

Depending on the nature of the contest and the prize, you may have to create restrictions regarding location and age. Some countries or states may have shipping restrictions that don’t allow you to ship what you want to ship to the contest winner. Also if the prize is a bottle of wine (for example), you don’t want children to be entering your contest.

You will want to make it clear how the winner is picked. If it’s a random drawing, perhaps you can even post a video of yourself picking the random winner. If the winner will be chosen by a panel of people judging the entrants, make sure the entrants understand that as well.

People will be most concerned with when you will actually announce the winner. Make sure the date for that is clear so that entrants don’t just forget about your contest over time.

Now that you understand how to actually create rules for your contest, it is time to start running it. Contests are actually a two-layered marketing technique since you first market the contest to people and then you later market your company to anybody who was interested in the contest. If you put some effort into this you can really attract people to your website!


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